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Was that an animal or a Pokemon? While Pokemon have some very unique names, so do animals in some cases. It can be hard to tell which is which at times, even for the most seasoned animal lover or Pokemon master. If you've never seen or heard of the animal or Pokemon, then it can be even more difficult! Thinking long and hard about the name and what it could be could bring you to the right conclusion, however. Do you think you can decipher the two?

If you're a Pokemon master, then you already know the half! But if you also know your animals, then this will probably be a breeze for you. You'll have to know more than your average animals and Pokemon to really ace this quiz. Some animals have pretty unique names that can sound made up, while some Pokemon sound pretty real. Think long and hard about each name, as it can really make a difference in your answers.

Whether you're just like Ash from the Pokemon series or an expert on animals like Steve Irwin, you'll have to put your knowledge together for this quiz. Take it to see how much you know about the animal and Pokemon world!

An osprey loves to catch and eat fish from the waters below it. Is it part of the real world or the Pokemon world?

An osprey is a large bird that loves to eat fish, which is their main diet. They don't call it a sea hawk for nothing! The osprey is also a bird of migration which moves south in the winter months.


A scyther looks bug-like, but do you know if it exists in the real world or the world of Pokemon?

Scyther is a Pokemon from the group of Generation I Pokemon. Even if you're not a fan of bugs, it's hard not to love this cool Pokemon. It's able to move extremely fast, so it's no surprise that it can learn Quick Attack!


Cute and cuddly, do you know which of the following a chinchilla is?

Chinchillas are adorable and thankfully, we get to experience them in the real world. One little-known fact about the critter is that they need dental work at times. Similar to a beaver, they have teeth that never stop growing.


There at the start of the universe was a dialga. Will you ever encounter it in real life or does it only exist in the Pokemon universe?

Dialga is an important legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. Its presence is what created time within the universe as a whole and it also has the incredible power to time travel at its own leisure.


Simple and peaceful, do you know whether a silcoon is a real animal or a Pokemon?

Silcoon is at the very basic level a cocoon Pokemon. Inside the cocoon, there's a whole lot of stuff going on. For example, Silcoon is getting ready to evolve into a beautiful Beautifly ready to explore the world.


An aardwolf looks very similar to a hyena. Do you know if it's a Pokemon or a real animal?

The adorable animals are small and they are nocturnal for the most part. Like many other animals within the dog family, they are very territorial and will go to great lengths to catch a trespasser.


You might hear a dartrix calling late at night, but would it be in real life, or in Pokemon?

Dartrix are owl-like, but they're not a real animal. It became an official Pokemon with the introduction of the seventh generation. One interesting fact is that it is rare to find a female Dartrix, as the ratio is higher for the males.


A zangoose has a signature red stripe on its stomach. Can you tell if it's a real animal or a Pokemon?

Don't get Zangoose confused with a mongoose! They sound the same but the mongoose exists in real life. Did you know that the Pokedex mentions that Zangoose only walks on two legs if it's angry? That's something to watch out for when traveling in the wild.


A bontebok was once very rare to find in the wild. But do you know if this was in the real world or in the Pokemon world?

A bontebok resembles an antelope and is a stunning looking animal. We get to enjoy these creatures in our real world, where they are found in Africa. Unfortunately, at one time, these animals were almost completely extinct.


Tough and cunning, a pinsir is which of the following?

Pinsir really knows how to pack a punch — or better, a pinch! While this Pokemon is a little intimidating in its true form, it's mega evolution can really strike fear into the hearts of even the most brave trainers.


Cute and cuddly, whismur is one creature that you don't want to frighten. Which of the following is it?

Whismur is an adorable Pokemon that anyone would be proud to add to their team. But make sure you don't scare this little Pokemon. It can cry for hours on end until the point of exhaustion.


A chital is tall and nimble, but can you tell if it really exists or lives in the Pokemon world?

A chital sounds like a Pokemon name but in reality, it is the name of a real animal. It's a deer found in India which travels around its home in herds. In fact, the chital is also known by the name "axis deer."


This creature is known for its beautiful pink feathers and goes by the name "galah." Do you know if it's a real animal or a Pokemon?

A galah is a real animal that can be found in the country of Australia. They are beautiful birds that some even keep as pets in their homes. If you have one as a pet, it could potentially be with you for most of your life, as they can live up to 80 years!


A hyrax looks pretty similar to a groundhog. Do you know whether it's a real animal or a Pokemon?

The hyrax is a little critter that lives on the African plains. They live in large groups most commonly and they're huge fans of soaking up the sun. It's essential to their survival that they stay as warm as possible at all times.


This colorful snake called an arbok can really do some damage. Do you know if it is a Pokemon or not?

Arbok is an evolution of Ekans which you can catch a glimpse of in the anime as one of Jessie's Pokemon. One little known fact about the Pokemon comes from a Pokedex entry that says the marking on an Arbok can change depending on where they're from!


It's hard to find a creature as cute as a deerling. Is it real or a Pokemon?

Deerling is an adorable Pokemon that can be many different colors ranging from pink to brown depending on the season. When it evolves, it turns into the more mature Sawsbuck, similar to what a real deer would do.


Found in caves, is a parasect a real animal or would you find it in the Pokemon universe?

Parasect is a crab-like creature that carries a fungus on its back. If you're looking to catch one, you'll have to make your way into the Cerulean Cave that these Pokemon call home. Don't forget to prepare your Flash HM before venturing into it.


The ibex is found in mountainous regions. Do you know if it is real or a Pokemon?

An ibex is an incredible animal that is goat like and found in Asia. Living in the mountains means that these animals have to adapt to the harsh terrain and climate. Fortunately, they were built for it and can jump pretty well to scale the mountains.


It's not Easter time, but you've just seen a magearna. Was it a real animal or a Pokemon?

Magearna is quite the creature, resembling a bunny, but made from gears. Behind all that metal, the Pokemon is very intelligent and understands human language. Sadly, it can't respond back, but it's still endearing to know that it's there to listen.


One look at a margay might remind you of a leopard. But is it real or a Pokemon?

A margay is a pretty impressive animal that lives in the forests of Mexico and Brazil. One interesting thing that they can do is run headfirst down a tree! They also enjoy a pretty long lifespan which can be as long as 20 years.


Not very many creatures carry bones around, but marowak is an exception. What is it?

Marowak is a Pokemon with a sad backstory. Starting off as a Cubone, the small Pokemon wears the skull of its mother. After evolving, the Pokemon's skull becomes permanent and Marowak seeks vengeance.


Resembling a deer as well as a goat, a nilgai is which of the following?

Nilgai are large animals that are also very fast for their size. In order to catch up to these guys, you'll have to be going around 30 miles per hour. While they are native to India, they can also be found in the United States!


It's a pleasure to see an altaria soar by, but which of the following is it?

Evolving into Altaria from a Swablu, it's also one Pokemon that has the power to Mega Evolve. Though its wings look a lot like a cloud, they are in fact fluffy feathers. They're great for using the move Steel Wing!


Tiny, but with a big personality, is a numbat a Pokemon or an animal from the real world?

Numbats aren't bats as you may have suspected from the name, but instead they are marsupials. This also means that you'll have to go to Australia for a glimpse of one. They look like squirrels, but they are much different.


A puku has unique horns that have twists throughout them. Is it real or part of the Pokemon world?

Not to be confused with Pyukumuku which is a real Pokemon, a Puku is a type of antelope. Did you know that if you scare a Puku, it's very likely that they'll make a very loud whistle sound? It alerts everything around them to tell them that there is danger near.


A milotic is aquatic! But is it in the real world or the Pokemon world?

Milotic resembles a snake in many ways, but has beautiful fins on the end of its tail. In fact, even the Pokedex refers to the Pokemon as one of the most beautiful creatures in the universe. Its bright colors paired with the water make it shine bright.


Cute but not cuddly, do you know which of the following a serval is?

A serval isn't a Pokemon, although it may sound like it! They're another small cat native to Africa and it resembles a cheetah very closely. They're adorable, but it's still not wise to get on their bad side.


This creature is known by two names, and "suricate" is one of them. Would you say that it's a real animal or a Pokemon?

A suricate is a real animal, but one Pokemon does sound similar, and it's Raticate! The two don't have much in common, as a suricate is much better known as a meerkat. It can really make you think of Timon from "The Lion King."


A corsola makes its home in the sea or the ocean, but which of the following is it?

Corsola is a beautiful Pokemon that comes from the sea, making it a water type Pokemon. If you think back to the anime, you may remember Misty caught one. They love to hang out in groups where they're commonly spotted together.


An ocelot sure is cute and catlike, but what is it?

Ocelots are cute little cats with a lot of personality. But it's probably not a good idea to pet them! It's easy to get this animal confused with a Pokemon because its name sounds so close to one. If you've heard of Oshawott, then you know what were talking about.


Unique with white and gold coloring, is arceus part of our world or the Pokemon world?

Arceus is an important Pokemon because it is said to have created the entire universe. That's a big role to have played a part in. Without this important Pokemon, none of us would have been able to experience the awesome world.


A cat with quite the unique look, a caracal is which of the following?

Caracals are found in Africa and Asia and they're known for their unique ears. On the tips of their ears, there are black tufts that make them look even more unique. Though they are smaller cats, they have no trouble taking down prey that's much larger than they are.


A kakuna is a bug, but it's almost harmless. Is it real or a Pokemon?

Kakuna is an interesting Pokemon which is a second evolution. Upon evolving once again, it turns into Beedrill, which is much more deadly than Kakuna itself. Although, it's important to watch out for Kakuna's barb, which is filled with poison.


Part of the fox family, it's hard not to love a fennekin. Which of the following is it?

Fennekin is known for its big ears which have an important purpose. According to the Pokedex, its ears act as a vent for all of the built-up heat inside of it to escape. It's only fitting, since Fennekin is a fire Pokemon!


An oricorio is one colorful and stylish bird. But is it real or a Pokemon?

If you've got an Oricorio in your party, then you know how versatile it is. One sip of nectar can change the Pokemon's whole appearance! Depending on which style you like, you can have it sip on the nectar that will transform it.


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