Is Your Accent More Australian or British?

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Australia and Great Britain are landmasses that are 10,000 miles apart, but thanks to history, they have a great deal in common. Both places have been inhabited for thousands of years, and both have original populations that evidence suggests was not just conquered but (in the United Kingdom's case) completely replaced. Both came under the rule of a united crown — the U.K.'s ancient kindgoms came together in 1707, though they existed for over a thousand years prior. Australia was proclaimed a British colony in 1788. It obtained its independence in 1901 but remains a member of the Commonwealth and still acknowledges the Queen.

This means there are plenty of similarities. Brits and Aussies both love cricket and rugby. Both enjoy a nice cold beer. There are plenty of slang words in common, and on a very serious level, military cooperation between the two nations has been a given for centuries. Still, this leaves plenty of space for differences, and while some of those are linguistic, more are cultural. For example, Australians spend far more time out of doors, thanks to their sporty culture and vastly more agreeable weather. British people are more reserved and less likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Brits also think that anything over 30 kilometers is a long way.

This means that by merely asking about your lifestyle — and how you talk — we can deduce whether you hail from the land of Oz or the land of King Arthur. Let's get started!

Would you like a vegetable-based spread for your toast?

How do you pronounce the other name for a bunny?

How might you greet someone in a friendly way?

What is the scariest thing you've ever seen in your bathroom?

What is a "cold one"?

Would you like to swim near this lovely beach?

Have you ever eaten any part of a kangaroo?

How long does it take you to tan on a summer day?

How often do you cook outside?

Would rain change your plans?

On what part of the body would you find a thong?

Wine in a box — genius or a crime?

What are you feeling if you are seriously cheesed off?

What do you call your favorite friend?

If someone wishes you a good arvo, what do they want you to enjoy?

You are definitely stuffed. What situation does this cover?

For what reason would you emigrate from your homeland?

What would you wear to go waterskiing?

What's your most versatile random word that can mean almost anything, depending on context?

Someone asks if you would like a chip. What are they offering?

You wish to inform a friend that you encountered a male human. By what word will you use to refer to the man in question?

You want to sit in the front passenger seat. What do you say to claim it?

Which part of the road is the pavement?

A tradie has come to see you. What is about to happen?

What nickname do you use for the fast-food place with the Golden Arches?

What do you mean if you say, "She'll be right"?

What heals all wounds?

How do you refer to your best friend?

Someone says "Thank you." What do you say?

If you say "Yeah, no," does this mean the same as "No, yeah"?

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