Quiz: Is Your Brain More Firefighter or Police Officer?
Is Your Brain More Firefighter or Police Officer?
By: Monica Lee
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About This Quiz

Lawyer, accountant, marketing executive... unlike most careers, if you're in law enforcement and fire protection being good at your job can mean life and death for you or someone else. That's why you need to know if your brain is geared for a high-stress job before you commit. Sure, you may be able to pass the physical and medical exams, you may even ace the technical skills test, but when it comes down to job performance, you simply need to have what it takes.

For instance, to be a firefighter or police officer you need to take a psychological evaluation that covers the core values, priorities, underlying attitudes and behaviors upon which real-world performance lies. Besides this evaluation, you'll have an interview with questions regarding impulse control, bias, attitudes towards sexuality and other personal beliefs. Both firefighters and police officers must be able to demonstrate ethical and professional responsibility, relationship building, critical thinking and compassion, just for starters. 

Now that you know a little about what you're getting into, it's time to take this quiz and learn more about yourself and these careers. Yes, the hero business is a serious business. Find out if you fit the mold or break it with this revealing quiz.

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What is an important quality you want in your partner?

6 of 30

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What trait do you admire in your father?

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Which of these traits do you think a police officer should have?

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Which of these traits do you think a firefighter should have?

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What trait do you admire most in your mother?

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What trait drives you crazy in other people?

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Which of these do you worry about most?

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