Is Your Brain More Law Enforcement or Military?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

It takes a special kind of brain to either work in law enforcement or to join the military! Both careers require mental toughness and the ability to think under a variety of pressures. From hostile territories to unruly crowds after a losing football game, law enforcement officer and military members know how to navigate the stickiest of sticky situations. 

Throughout this quiz, we are going to put you in a few professional and personal situations that will show us how you think. We'll also assess your personality traits and your willingness to follow orders. By the time you've survived our battery of questions, you'll be ready for a military entrance exam or a law enforcement test. And we'll let you know which career your brain is already suited to try! 

Whether you've been considering dedicating your life to protecting and serving or you just want to know how you would fare in either occupation, you'll find out once you've finished these questions. Knowledge is power! Knowing which way your brain thinks will give you a head start on any career you choose to follow. 

Your results will not get you into officer training, but they will tell you which direction to go. Will it be law enforcement or the military? Let's find out!

You think you've seen the person in front of you on a wanted poster. What do you do?

If someone kept eating your lunch, how would you find the culprit?

You're camping and you've forgotten your lighter. How are you going to build a fire?

Why do you think you would be a great police officer?

Are you better with technology or fixing things with your hands?

There's a big brown bear on your front porch. How are you going to handle that situation?

Which one of these should-be crimes would cause you to make a citizen's arrest?

An accident has happened right in front of you. What do you do first?

You get to drive a military vehicle to work tomorrow. Which one will you choose?

You're trying to mow the lawn, but the mower won't start. How do you get the job done?

Both law enforcement and the military require a lot of testing. What are you like when you take a test?

If your boss gave you an order you didn't agree with, would you obey it?

When you pack for a trip, which item do you always remember to bring?

Do you have a lot of willpower when it comes to staying in shape?

When you can't sleep at night, what keeps your brain awake?

If you were a detective, what would you like to investigate?

You see a team member struggling to finish a task. Do you offer to help?

If you were to enlist in the military, which branch would be right for you?

Your electricity is going to be out for a week. Are you prepared?

Which one of these ranks would you give your level of procrastination?

Your neighbor keeps revving his engine, and it's making you crazy. Do you say something?

Would you take the protect part or the serve part of your oath more seriously?

If you were promoted to the head of your department, how would you lead it?

Are you the kind of driver who needs to pass the car in front of you?

You're lost in the wild, and you need to eat something. How do you find food?

Which one of these crime shows are you more likely to binge watch?

Would you feel more like yourself driving a new truck or a new sports car?

What type of learner would you say that you are?

Would you rather trade careers with a trucker or a farmer?

What part of your career would you want to change?

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