Is Your Brain More Suited for Law Enforcement or the Medical Field?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

To work in either law enforcement or medicine, you have to have a special kind of brain. You need to work well under pressure, and you need to practice compassion at the same time. After you let us pick your brain for a while, we can let you know which of the two fields your brain is best-suited to pursue. 

Not everyone is made from the stuff that can handle wielding a weapon or a scalpel. Before you get yourself in a field that you'll later regret, you need to know if your hands are more steady on the streets or in the surgery theater. The things you tell us about the way your mind works will allow us to compare your strengths with the known strengths of paramedics and police officers around the world. 

When your brain reads our questions, don't question your brains response! Instead, choose the answer that you gravitate toward most naturally. Just like you can fake a police academy physical, any dishonesty you practice could lead you down the wrong career path! 

Once you've finished telling us how your brain operates, we'll let you know which field you need to enter. Will it be the field you think you're meant to be in, or will you have to go back to school? Ready to find out? 

What does your brain have in common with someone who works in the legal field?

Where would you fall on the scale of braininess?

If you were a nurse, how would you communicate with someone in pain?

Do you think with your head or with your heart?

Is your brain fueled by coffee or by water?

Do you think you are smarter than your coworkers?

If you gave your brain a nickname, which one would it be?

Which of these things makes you feel queasy?

Does your brain need to control every situation?

Would you say that your brain is emotionally intelligent?

Are you able to stay calm under pressure?

Which one of these qualities is your brain's strongest?

Are you more right-brained or left-brained?

What time of day is your brain most active?

If you were a police officer, how would you handle an unruly suspect?

Would you be cut out for military service?

Can you do long division in your head?

What kind of test taker are you?

How would you rate your people skills?

Do you do a lot of daydreaming?

Are you interested in going back to school to further your career?

How would you feel about being called a perfectionist?

Would you consider yourself an overthinker?

When you are at work, do you always follow the rules?

If you were the boss, what kind of boss would you be?

What kind of dream did your brain last conjure up?

Which of these brain foods do you like most?

Is your brain wired for technology?

What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day at work?

Which famous genius are you most like?

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