Quiz: Is Your S.O. More Girlfriend or Wife Material?
Is Your S.O. More Girlfriend or Wife Material?
By: Olivia Cantor
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Folks, have you found "the one" for you? Is that your current significant other? Or do you feel that someone else will come along? Tough questions, we know. Eventually, though, you must ask if you want to make a huge decision. And that decision is: to marry or to remain legally unattached. Since marriage is now available to any two consenting adults, these questions apply to everyone out there debating the question.

But first, how sure are you that she's "girlfriend material" or "wife material" to begin with? A quick Google search will yield various answers about this "dilemma." In lifestyle magazines, folks give their two cents on how they knew their S.O. was "the one" for them. Some pointed out how accepting their girlfriends are; some liked the way their partners didn't change them into someone else. Someone tried to break up, then win the girl back with a proposal. 

So how do you know? An Urban Dictionary listing defined "the one" as "the person you know you're going to love forever." Forever's such a deep concept, but in this relationship-obsessed society, it's a path they "expect" us to follow. Will you?

Let this lighthearted quiz guide you through your decision. Its results might make you think deeper or convince you otherwise. Just take it in stride and see which outcome resonates with you. Good luck, lover!

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Her parents are in town. You tell her you'd love to meet them. How does she react?

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