Is Your S.O. More Girlfriend or Wife Material?

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Folks, have you found "the one" for you? Is that your current significant other? Or do you feel that someone else will come along? Tough questions, we know. Eventually, though, you must ask if you want to make a huge decision. And that decision is: to marry or to remain legally unattached. Since marriage is now available to any two consenting adults, these questions apply to everyone out there debating the question.

But first, how sure are you that she's "girlfriend material" or "wife material" to begin with? A quick Google search will yield various answers about this "dilemma." In lifestyle magazines, folks give their two cents on how they knew their S.O. was "the one" for them. Some pointed out how accepting their girlfriends are; some liked the way their partners didn't change them into someone else. Someone tried to break up, then win the girl back with a proposal. 

So how do you know? An Urban Dictionary listing defined "the one" as "the person you know you're going to love forever." Forever's such a deep concept, but in this relationship-obsessed society, it's a path they "expect" us to follow. Will you?

Let this lighthearted quiz guide you through your decision. Its results might make you think deeper or convince you otherwise. Just take it in stride and see which outcome resonates with you. Good luck, lover!

Your nephews come over. You suggest to your S.O. to come over and meet the kids. What's her reaction?

Can she stand your eating habits?

She rushes you to the hospital one time. When asked who's your "contact in case of emergency" person, what's her reply?

Planning on surprising her, you drop by her house and find a stranger there. When you ring the bell, how does she respond?

Do you have culture clashes of any kind?

Feeling romantic during your anniversary, you surprise her with a weekend trip to Hawaii. What's her reaction?

Talking wistfully about how you'll behave when you're both in your senior years, what does she contribute?

So you finished college and she didn't. Is this an issue?

You won an award in your industry! When you invite her to be your date at the award ceremonies, how does she react?

Suddenly short of cash for this month's rent, you ask for her help for the first time. What does she tell you?

One of her exes calls her up from time to time. When you ask about it, how does she react?

How's your S.O. as a travel buddy?

You sleep over and wake up next to her for the first time. What's her reaction upon waking up next to you?

She earns more than you in her career. How does she treat this aspect when it comes up?

There's this time when she accidentally introduced you using the name of her ex. Does she apologize about it later?

Someone suddenly flirts with you in a public event. How does your S.O. react?

She's contemplating on going vegan. How does she relay this development to you?

Both of you tried to apply to the same company; she gets rejected. How does she react to your acceptance?

You go to church often. She doesn't. How does she handle this difference?

A panhandler you know approaches you two as you walk along the sidewalks. What's her reaction?

Your high school best friend's in town and you plan to spend some time together this weekend. What's your S.O.'s reply?

It's been a week and she hasn't contacted you in any way. When you finally get ahold of her, what does she say?

There's a trendy new restaurant in town. You want to try it. What's her reply?

Her parents are in town. You tell her you'd love to meet them. How does she react?

You expressed your disappointment about a certain political candidate one time. How did she react?

Something came up at work so you need to cancel your planned dinner out. What does your S.O. tell you?

She's feeling low. When you approach to ask for details, what's her reply?

Her friends from out of town are here and they're planning on going out. When you ask about their plans, what's her answer?

It's Valentine's Day. What are your plans?

Feeling sentimental, you hug her and thank her for being with you all this time. What's her reply?

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