Quiz: Is Your Spirit Animal a Lion, Jaguar, or a House Cat?
Is Your Spirit Animal a Lion, Jaguar, or a House Cat?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Close your eyes and picture yourself as a cat. Are you a big cat? Are you a small cat? Are you fluffy or smooth? Now, answer our questions, and we'll let you know if your spirit animal is most like a lion, a jaguar, or a house cat. 

Although it's nice to imagine ourselves as cats, the only real way to figure out which one is your spirit animal is to get to know you better. As we go through this quiz, we want to know about all your cat-like and your not so cat-like traits. We will also be nosy enough to inquire about the way you get through your days and the foods you find most tempting.

While different humans have different characteristics, the same is true for the world's cat species. After we get to know you and your habits better than your credit card company knows what you like to buy, we'll be able to compare you. Once we figure out which cat you have the most in common with, we'll let you know if you are more of a lion in the jungle or a cat in the litter box. You've always wanted to know, and meow's your chance!

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What kind of fish do you like most?

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Which item could you have the most fun with?

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Which trait would you consider your most dominant?

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Which big cat do you like most?

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Which cartoon cat do you like most?

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Which farm animal are you most like?

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What name would you give to a new cat?

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If you were starving, which cat food flavor would you eat?

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Which kind of bird do you find tastiest?

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How are your fishing skills?

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What do you think cats dream about?

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Could you become the crazy cat person on your block?

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