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Isle Royale National Park is a pristine and unspoiled haven miles out of reach by automobiles. It is unique for wildlife that can be found only in a very few places in the United States. It's difficult to reach, but once you're there you can hike, kayak, canoe, boat, scuba dive, fish, or backpack -- among other activities. Take this quiz to learn more about Isle Royale National Park.

In what state is Isle Royale National Park located?

Although Isle Royale National Park is closer to Minnesota, it is actually a part of the state of Michigan.


How many miles away from the shores of Minnesota is Isle Royale National Park located?

Isle Royale National Park is 56 miles (90 kilometers) from mainland Michigan and only 20 miles from the shores of Minnesota.


How do you reach Isle Royale National Park?

Seaplane flights are available from Houghton, Michigan, but most visitors reach Isle Royale on boats operated by the Park Service. The ride takes three hours from either Grand Portage, Minnesota, or Copper Harbor, Michigan or six hours from Houghton, Michigan.


How long is Isle Royale?

Isle Royale is 45 miles in length and nine miles wide. The Isle Royale National Park consists of Isle Royale and 200 smaller islands that surround it.


What is the name of the Great Lake in which Isle Royale National Park is located?

Isle Royale National Park is located in Lake Superior, which is the largest of the Great Lakes.


How many miles of roads cross the park on Isle Royale?

There are no roads on Isle Royale. The island's isolation has helped to maintain a pristine and looking much as it did more than two centuries ago.


When is it believed that European settlers first stepped upon the shores of Isle Royale?

Historian believe that the first European settlers first stepped foot on Isle Royal more than 200 years ago. The first humans likely visited the island about 4,500 years ago.


What is unique about wildlife found within the boundaries of Isle Royale National Park?

Isle Royale shelters paper birches, balsam fir, wild orchids, violets, mallards, mergansers, loons, herons, wolves, moose, deer, and bobcats. The park is one of only three places in the United States where wolves still roam free.


What is the name of the other two places in the United States where you can also find wolves running freely in the wild?

The other places where wolves roam freely are Alaska and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Moose, the wolf's main prey, also inhabit the island.


How many acres comprise the Isle Royale National Park?

The total area of Isle Royale National park including all of Isle Royale’s surrounding islands is 571,790 acres (191,235 hectares). As you hike the woodland trails in this natural haven, you frequently see moose grazing in the meadows.


What time of the year is the best time to visit the park, according to most people?

Almost everyone agrees that autumn is the best time to visit. In autumn the sugar maples and yellow birch are in full color, wild berries are thick underfoot, and the moose appear from the ridges to the valleys.


How many miles of hiking trails are there in the park?

There are more than 160 (258 kilometers) miles of hiking trails in the park. You can pick wild raspberries and blueberries as you hike along the trails in addition to enjoying some breathtaking scenic views.


What kinds of wolves reside in the park?

The northern grey wolf is the local species. On moon-filled nights, you can often hear distant howls of the wolves calling to each other as they hunt or travel.


In what year did the wolves make their way to Isle Royale?

A few wolves crossed ice-covered Lake Superior to Isle Royale in 1949 during an unusually cold winter. For two decades, the wolves fed on old, young, or weak moose.


How did the moose population end up on Isle Royale?

It is believed by most that the moose swam across to the island while hunting for food. Amazingly, such a large animal is also a very good swimmer and can swim at six miles per hour (9.7 kph) for more than 10 miles without stopping.


What was the maximum number of wolves that lived on Isle Royale at any given time?

The wolf pack stopped growing with around 50 members, which was appropriate for the size of the moose herd on the island. The relationship is symbiotic, as the wolves prevent the moose from overpopulating the island.


What is the name of the ridge that forms the backbone of Isle Royale?

Greenstone Ridge is the backbone of the island and geologists believe that it could be a piece of the largest lava flow on earth.


What is the name of a popular harbor located on the northeastern shore of Isle Royale?

Rock Harbor is located on the northeastern shore, where hiking trails give visitors access to scenic overlooks and secluded coves.


What is another popular drawing card for the Isle Royale National Park?

There are more than 1,000 small abandoned copper mines dotting the island. Canadian and American Native peoples would canoe to this remote island to dig for copper to make jewelry, tools, and cookware.


Around what date were some of the copper mines first dug?

Experts date the creation of some of the mines back to 2500 BCE. This was only about 500 years after the start of the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia.


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