It’s Time to Find Out If You Could Be a Trucker

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Pixabay / Victoria_Borodinova

About This Quiz

Do you have what it takes to be a trucker? Truckers are the unsung heroes of our modern workforce!  Without their driving skills and their diligence, we would be forced to fend for ourselves rather than going to a store and getting what we need. After you tell us about your desire to run a big rig, your driving skills and how you would handle a few situations on the road, we'll know if you're ready to step into the seat and roll down the highway. 

Not everyone who takes this quiz will be able to become a trucker. Being a trucker is the kind of occupation that consumes your whole life. It's not one of those jobs you can forget after you clock out. The job description might not say it, but having the title of trucker means that you've adopted an entirely different lifestyle. Can you handle the responsibility it requires?

Hitch up your load and try to avoid the smokies as you answer the questions. Once you shift into high gear and find your lane with your responses, we'll let you know if you should pick out your CB handle and start your new career. Are you ready to release the emergency brake and go?

Which of these radio names would you go by?

Are you used to sitting for long periods of time?

What do you do when you get lost?

Which of these things would you least like to haul?

Where do you place your hands on the steering wheel?

You've just arrived at a truck stop—what's the first thing you do?

How do you pass the time on long trips?

What would you hang from the rearview mirror of your truck?

Which drink would we find in your cupholder?

Which type of weather is hardest to drive in?

Why would you probably get a ticket?

Which of these hood ornaments would you add to your truck?

Are you aggressive or nervous in rush hour traffic?

Which trucker films would you like to watch?

Could you change your own oil?

What makes you crazy when other drivers do it behind the wheel?

Do you warn other drivers when there are police ahead?

If you broke down in a strange town, what would you do?

Which snack might you keep in your truck for long hauls?

Do you currently drive a truck or a car?

Someone is riding your bumper—how do you handle it?

Where would you be excited to drop off a load?

Which driving job would be your second choice?

If you needed a nap on a long haul, where would you pull over?

What are your skills with a stick shift like?

Which trucking maneuver makes you most nervous?

How many times a day would you call home while out on a delivery?

How old were you when you first learned to drive?

Which trinket are you most likely to buy from a truck stop?

What is the most important part of an emergency road kit?

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