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You may be an online media machine, with a library of music and video that far exceeds any of your friends. But are you getting the most out of iTunes? Take our quiz and see if you're as optimized as you think you are!

What music formats can iTunes play?

This one's a little tricky. Although none of the three file formats work with iTunes, the program's newer versions can convert WMA files into compatible, playable files.


What types of video formats can iTunes play?

When looking for videos to play on iTunes, you're wise to avoid Real or MOV files, unless you enjoy the frustration and extra time required to convert files or find alternatives.


What's the fastest way to move files from iTunes to a mobile media device?

If your mobile device has the storage capacity, the fastest way to move files between it and iTunes is through the program's autosync function.


What are the EQ sliders in iTunes?

Equalizer, or EQ, sliders allow you to fine-tune individual sound frequency ranges, bringing out highs or lows to get the most out of both your music and your speakers.


What's the most useful reason for adding album art to your iTunes library?

While it is indeed nice to have beautiful art that accompanies your music, and it's always fun to impress friends, album art tagging in iTunes can make it easier and faster to find the song you want to play.


Is it legal to share media files?

Media files that are not protected by copyright can be shared at no cost. Sharing copyrighted files without paying for them, however, is considered stealing from artists and is illegal.


Is it legal to share playlists?

This is a more nuanced question than that of sharing files. Although the files themselves are protected by copyright, the user-generated playlists are not. You can freely share information about what songs your friends like.


True or false: Sometimes it's legal to download free music.

Sometimes artists release free tracks on their Web sites or online music forums that are perfectly legal to download. Keep an eye on your favorite musicians' sites for freebies!


What's a no-cost way to keep iTunes running at peak performance?

The easiest performance enhancement you can make to iTunes is to install updates as they're released. This ensures your version of iTunes is the most current, with the most recent fixes integrated into it.


What are hotkeys?

Some applications that you can install on iTunes, like iRemote and Sizzling Keys, allow you to designate key combinations -- hotkeys -- that can trigger specific commands, such as pausing a song or changing tracks.


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