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Jelly shoes jumped into the fashion world in a big way a few decades ago; ever since, they've tumbled back and forth between trendy and tacky. Are you a fan of the iconic footwear fondly known as jellies? Prove it by acing this quiz.

At what World's Fair did jelly shoes get their first big boost in the United States?

Jelly shoes were introduced to the United States at the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, Tenn., and the following year at a shoe expo in Chicago. It was at that February 1983 convention that the distinctive footwear really hit the map.


What prominent department store was one of the first places U.S. customers could buy jelly shoes from?

A Bloomingdale's purchasing rep saw the shoes at the Chicago expo and ordered 2,400 pairs. Those jellies sold both on the sales floor and in the store's catalogue.


What are jelly shoes often made out of?

Jelly shoes are often made out of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, a commonly used material for a wide range of consumer products.


About how much PVC is consumed in the United States and Canada each year?

In 2007, close to 14.2 billion pounds (more than 6.4 billion kilograms) of PVC was consumed by the United States and Canada, in the form of hundreds of everyday products.


Why is PVC so popular?

PVC is versatile and cheap to manufacture. Products made with PVC also tend to be low maintenance and long lasting.


How are many jelly shoes usually made?

Jellies are often made through the process of injection molding. PVC resin, along with other additive ingredients, is heated, forced into shoe-shaped molds and then allowed to set.


How many types of jelly shoes are available?

When it comes to jellies, there are hundreds of offerings under the sun, from all sorts of brands at various prices.


What's one criticism some people have about jelly shoes?

While some people think jelly shoes are perfectly comfortable, others beg to differ. They often cite biting straps and sweaty soles as the reasons they aren't fans.


Are Crocs considered jelly shoes?

Crocs are sometimes lumped in with jelly shoes, but not according to purists. The shoes are made with a patented synthetic resin, but it's not the traditional PVC so commonly used to make jellies. But using a loose definition, one could say Crocs can be grouped with jelly -- or plastic -- shoes.


Are jelly shoes just for kids?

Kids might have been the first to really jump on the jellies bandwagon, but adults took up the trend pretty quickly, too. Today, grown women, and to some extent, men, can buy jelly shoes as well. Some designer jellies are even pretty pricey -- up to $200 or more.


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