Quiz: The Ultimate Jellyfish Venom Quiz
The Ultimate Jellyfish Venom Quiz
By: Staff
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The jellyfish is an unusual and fascinating marine animal. Despite its semi-transparent, gelatinous appearance the jellyfish has a painful, venomous sting if you come into contact with one of its tentacles. Take this quiz and learn more about this unique sea creature.

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Would you describe the jellyfish as a poisonous or a venomous marine creature?
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Where does a venomous creature usually acquire its poison?
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Which marine creature has the deadliest venom?
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How long does it take for the box jellyfish venom to kill a human?
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Just how much venom does this deadly creature have?
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How many nematocysts are there in each tentacle?
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The venom of the box jellyfish is described as dermonecrotic. What does that mean?
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Is there an effective first aid prior to medical treatment?
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What is a common method of measuring the toxicity of a substance?
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What animal is contributing to fighting cancer?
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