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Even before his directing work on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," he was one of the busiest and most successful men in Hollywood. How much do you know about J.J. Abrams?

With which film did Abrams make his directorial debut?

That's right, his first film featured one of the biggest stars in history in Tom Cruise.


Of all of Abrams films, which earned the most money at the box office?

"The Force Awakens" is currently the third-highest grossing film of all time.


In what capacity did Abrams serve during his first Hollywood film?

He helped make the music for "Nightbeast," which had a budget of under $20,000.


What year was J.J. Abrams born?

He was born in June in New York City.


Abrams did NOT receive acting credits for which show?

With regards to acting, his most notable appearance might be in "Saturday Night Live."


In which state did Abrams grow up?

He grew up in Southern California, the perfect place to develop dreams of a Hollywood career.


For which project was Abrams NOT a producer?

Abrams has worked in dozens of different jobs since starting out in Hollywood.


When he was a child, which Hollywood figure did Abrams most admire?

Smith was a makeup artist who did famous work on films like "The Exorcist" and "The Godfather."


What is the name of the production company that Abrams helped create in 1998?

Abrams was also the one who came up with the idea for the little red robot that appears during credits.


Which TV series did Abrams NOT help create?

He also did work on other popular shows such as "Alias" and "Felicity."


Why did Abrams give up his work on "Felicity" for "Alias?"

"Alias" was full of the kinds of action sequences he was looking for.


How many Emmy Awards did Abrams receive for his work on "Lost?"

Those awards were for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.


Which film franchise did Abrams fall in love with first?

He was hooked on "Star Wars" as a child and didn’t really enjoy "Star Trek" until studio executives asked him to direct the new movie.


Abrams was nominated for a "Razzie" for Worst Screenplay for which film?

The Bruce Willis film was still a smash hit and made more money than any other in 1998.


How many children does Abrams have?

He's been married to Katie McGrath since 1996; he is Jewish and she is Catholic.


What movie did Abrams direct immediately following "Star Trek?"

As with "Star Trek," "Super 8" garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences.


For television, in what capacity has Abrams most often worked?

He has been an executive producer for at least 19 TV shows.


For which TV show did Abrams NOT serve as executive producer?

However, he was a director for one episode of "The Office."


Which person co-produced "Super 8" with Abrams?

The 2011 film starred Joel Courtney, Ellie Fannie and other well-known actors.


On how many episodes of "Westworld" did Abrams work as executive producer?

The HBO series is based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name.


Abrams frequently works with Michael Giacchino, who performs which role during film production?

Giacchino worked on "Alias" and "Lost," among other projects that were linked to Abrams.


Abrams won the Saturn Award for Best Director for his work on which film?

The movie was a blockbuster that raked in more than $380 million at the box office.


As of 2016, how many Academy Awards has Abrams won?

He's taken home many prizes, but so far, no Oscars.


What role did Abrams perform for the film "Taking Care of Business?"

The film starred James Belushi and Charles Grodin.


For which movie did Abrams win the Empire Award for Best Director?

Abrams drew mostly positive reviews for his work on the franchise.


How many episodes of "Felicity" did Abrams direct?

He also served as writer on 17 episodes and even teamed up to compose the theme music.


For which show did Abrams NOT play a role in the theme music composition?

He also wrote the themes for "Almost Human" and "Revolution."


Abrams was a guest star on which show?

Abrams has almost always been behind the scenes of his creations.


Why didn't Abrams direct "Star Trek Beyond?"

But he didn't give up on the film entirely; instead, he was a producer.


Abrams was both writer and composer for which project?

He helped write six episodes of the show.


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