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We've all had those days when we feel like a cube monkey and think, "there must be a better way to make money!" Well, there might be a hobby that not only makes you money, but makes you more money than your current job. Test your knowledge and see what hobbies might pay your bills in our quiz.

Would you make more money photographing a wedding or in two weeks of answering phones in a call center?

While the average call center associate takes home $1,000 every two weeks, a freelance wedding photographer can average $2,700 a night.


True or False: A gardening hobby could be more lucrative than working as a paralegal.

Unless you're an award-winning gardener and landscaper, you have a better chance making a living as a paralegal.


Which of the following professions would likely make you more money than online gambling ?

Although some people can make a killing at online gambling, the majority lose money so you'd be more likely to make money at most any job.


Designing just one Web site could pay more than the monthly salary of what occupation?

Freelance Web design can pay well, but creating just one site probably won't pay more than the monthly salary of most full-time jobs.


Would you make more money indulging your passion as a freelance writer or teaching writing to middle school students?

The income of a prosperous freelance writer can be higher than the salary of a middle school teacher. However, the stability of a salaried teaching job can be more attractive to some.


Is it better for your wallet to bartend or play guitar for a night at a local bar?

The tips alone from bartending would most likely be more than what you'd make playing a music gig at a bar. Sorry budding-musicians.


Would you most likely make more money as a part-time nurse or selling your knitted creations on sites like

A part-time nurse would most likely make more than someone who sells crafts online. A part-time nurse also has the stability of regular income.


If you turn your love of baking into your full-time job, you could make more than which of the following jobs?

A job as an entry-level full-time baker averages more than working as an entry-level sports reporter.


Would your weekly salary be more if you started a dog walking business or continued working as a marketing coordinator?

Although the business of walking and caring for man's best friend can be quite profitable, you're still better off, on average, working as a marketing coordinator.


If you're an iPhone fanatic, creating applications for smart phones could score you more than which of the following jobs?

The business of creating apps can be very lucrative, more so, in fact than working as a physician's assistant.


Would you make more money indulging your cycling interests as a bike courier or as a college professor?

You'd be surprised how close these two salaries are, but college professor wins out.


True or False: If you love cars, a job as a car salesman would make you more than a receptionist.

Car salesmen average a great deal more a year than most corporate receptionists.


True or False: If you love clothes, opening a retail store would make you more than a job as a pharmaceutical salesman.

Aside from the clothing perks, owning your own store can be extremely difficult and doesn't pay very much on average.


Working as a personal shopper would make you more money on average than which of the following?

The only job in this list that pays less than a personal shopper is a pool cleaner.


Would you make more money as a choreographer or a hotel concierge?

If you love to dance, you're in luck. Work as a successful, full-time choreographer can make you a fairly decent living.


Would you make more as a retail sales associate or as a successful freelance photographer?

The hobby wins out again. Photography can be more lucrative than your job a J Crew.


True or False: Working as a nanny would not make you as much as your hobby of arranging flowers.

Even though the average wages of a florist is only slightly more than most nannies, florists still do make more.


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