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If you thought "Chuck's Ultimate 'Stuff You Should Know' Quiz" was tough, just wait until you sink your teeth into Josh's.

In the "What are Japanese stragglers?" episode, Chuck and Josh nominated Lt. Hiroo Onoda as the baddest dude of World War II, but later gave the title instead to Simo Hayha. What was Hayha's nickname?

Simo Hayha, a Finnish farmer who took up arms against the Soviets when they invaded his country, was nicknamed "The White Death" for good reason. Hayha became the most prolific sniper of WWII, with 500 credited kills to his name.


What type of kissing mishap does Chuck cite as a bad sign in the episode, "A Rigid, Sterile Look at Kissing"?

Turns out, Chuck has a thing against teeth knocking during a kiss.


In the "How Kleptomania Works" episode, Chuck turned into what pocketable item to assist Josh in his demonstration on the psychological and physiological effects of stealing?

Chuck got into character as he became a silent, inanimate tube of lipstick that Josh stole as he described the stages of kleptomania.


Why did Chuck and Josh name a particular boy "Poor Kid" in one episode?

In the episode, "Does gum stay in your stomach for seven years?", Josh and Chuck discussed "Poor Kid," a young boy who ended up with a "taffy-like trail of fecal material" in his stomach after swallowing several pieces of gum everyday for years.


In "How Jack the Ripper Worked," Stuff to Blow Your Mind's Robert Lamb did a guest dramatic reading of what famous Ripper letter?

Robert Lamb delivered a fine performance in his best cockney accent of the "Dear Boss" Jack the Ripper letter in only three takes, as we remember it.


Which famous writer does Josh inexplicably refuse to discuss in the "What makes a genuis?" episode?

Josh refuses to discuss the work of Malcolm Gladwell and has yet to give a reason.


There is a legendary comedian whom Josh paraphrases in the introduction of the "How Flamethrowers Work" episode. Pray tell, who is it?

Josh brings up a bit on flamethrowers by legendary comedian George Carlin. Something to the effect that flamethrowers were invented by someone who thought, I want to set that other person on fire, but they're way over there.


What is the one and only episode where Jeri clearly speaks (delivers a speech even)?

On the Guatemalan adventure, Jeri delivered a moving speech to the kids at one of the schools the SYSK crew visited with the organization Cooperative for Education.


What does Josh call his friend who suffered from scabies?

Dirty Mitch is the name of Josh's friend who had scabies.


What episode is thus far the only to feature the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau?

As it is the only true, functioning narco state nation in the world, Guinea-Bissau featured prominently in the "How Narco States Work" episode.


In the introduction to this episode, Chuck steps squarely into a rotting corpse. Which one is it?

Chuck steps into a corpse laying around the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee in the intro to "What is a body farm?"


What legendary 80s new wave/punk band's song plays briefly in the beginning of the "How McDonald's Works" episode?

Devo's "Gut Feeling" played at the beginning of the McDonald's episode. Devo filed suit against the restaurant chain after it released a New Wave Nigel doll wearing the band's trademark hat in its Happy Meals.


Chuck met which of these actors, famous for playing a sleuth on TV?

On several occasions Chuck has mentioned that he met Tony Shaloub, known for playing the obsessive-compulsive germophobe detective Monk on television, at a wedding. Shaloub is only slightly less well known for his character Antonio Scarpacci (Josh's favorite) on the show "Wings." Chuck reports Shaloub is a very nice guy.


Which of these episodes focused on epigenetics?

Epigenetics, the study of the effects of environment on genes and their expression figured heavily in the episode, "Can your grandfather's diet shorten your life?"


In which of these episodes does a club-footed research scientist make an appearance?

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb was the club-footed research scientist who headed the CIA's LSD program under Project MK Ultra. He shows up in the "Did the CIA test LSD on unsuspecting Americans?" episode.


What did the SYSK boys determine are the "Three Innovations We Need Right Now"?

In the episode "Three Innovations We Need Right Now," Chuck and Josh covered teleportation, universal language and the need for a human innovator to lead the way.


What annual festival did Josh announce he would go to, then later swear the idea off after doing more research into it?

In the "10 Odd Town Festivals" episode, Josh decided that he would go to the Testicle Festival in Clinton, Mont. After further examination, he decided not to go.


What classic movie does Chuck cite in the "How Alien Hand Syndrome Works" episode?

The Nazi proclivities of Dr. Strangelove's errant right arm led Chuck to mention the movie in the "Alien Hand" episode.


What book did Josh suppose Elvis Presley was reading when he died in the bathroom?

In the "How Graceland Works" episode, Josh supposed aloud that Elvis was probably reading "1001 Arabian Nights" when he died in the bathroom.


What amazing television series has Josh spoiled at least twice?

Josh mentioned the first time on the "What can be done with a dead body?" episode that Nate Fisher of "Six Feet Under" dies toward the end of the series.


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