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Friends! Romans! People who are killing time at work! If you know that Mark Antony said that and not Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play, you'll ace this quiz. Had no idea? Then lend me your ears, and learn something about the famous politician.

What kind of family background did Julius Caesar have?

Caesar wasn't some nobody — his family was of a ruling class for centuries.


Caesar's family claimed to trace its lineage back to whom?

Supposedly, Caesar was descended from the Roman goddess of love.


When was Caesar born?

The most likely date is 100 B.C.E., but it isn't completely agreed upon.


What was Julius Caesar's dad's name?

Gaius died when Julius was a teenager.


What was the name of Caesar's mother?

The name Aurelia isn't uncommon today in European countries.


Julius Caesar married his wife Cornelia in 84 B.C.E., and a few years later he was asked to what?

A political opponent who won power ordered Caesar to divorce his wife, but Caesar refused.


What happened after Caesar refused to divorce?

He was pardoned and returned to Rome after his opponent's death.


Caesar was once captured by …

Pirates were a problem in the Mediterranean.


After getting ransomed, Caesar did what to attack the pirates that had captured him?

Caesar wasn't so into half measures, that's for sure.


Caesar's elected career started in 72 B.C.E., when he was elected what?

He was elected to the Senate a few years after he was elected military tribune.


After Cornelia died in 69 B.C.E, Caesar married a relative of what famous Roman?

Pompeia was distantly related to Pompey, who later became Caesar's political enemy.


Julius Caesar's wife, Pompeia, was involved in what scandal?

Apparently Caesar's mother grew suspicious of the tall, cloaked woman who talked in a weird voice.


Although the man was acquitted of the crime of sneaking into the rites, Caesar …

Rumor has it that's when he famously commented that "Caesar's wife must be above suspicion."


Caesar's third wife was …

Calpurnia also held the distinction of being his final wife.


Caesar formed the first triumvirate with …

Pompey and Crassus would learn that the alliance wasn't so hot for them.


Where was Caesar's first big takeover?

Caesar spent nine years collecting much of central Europe and attempting to shore up strategic political support, in absentia from Rome.


The triumvirate began cracking when Crassus …

He died on campaign. In the meantime, Pompey was also losing faith in the alliance.


Julius Caesar also led armies to what never-before-visited territory?

Caesar took part in the first Roman crossing of the English Channel.


What made it easier for Caesar to hire Roman agents to work on his political behalf while he was abroad?

Conquering all those Gauls proved lucrative when paying off people to keep his interests tidy at home.


Pompey eventually came to side with …

Pompey was suspicious (or jealous) of Caesar's successes, so he sided with the nobility.


What did Caesar literally traverse when he crossed the Rubicon?

"Crossing the Rubicon" is less literally seen as crossing a point of no return.


Why was the act of crossing the Rubicon one of aggression?

Pompey and Caesar were both trying to maintain power and not yield influence.


Rallying in Rome, Caesar declared himself …

He declared himself dictator, but don't worry, he got elected soon after. (Still not really how it's supposed to work.)


Caesar defeated Pompey's armies, but he followed Pompey to …

Pompey escaped in battle, but Caesar found him in Alexandria, Egypt.


In Alexandria, Caesar was presented with …

He claimed to be horrified of the severed head.


After leaving Egypt, Caesar declared what as the result of his travels through Asia Minor?

I came; I saw; I conquered.


When was Caesar named "dictator in perpetuity"?

Alas, perpetuity still wasn't forever.


Caesar was assassinated on what day?

Beware the ides of March.


Who killed Caesar?

While Caesar supposedly remarked upon Brutus, dozens of others also took part in the stabbing.


While Caesar would probably have lived longer, he did have what?

Some claim epilepsy, but historians and scientists now posit he may have had ministrokes in his later years.


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