Quiz: The Ultimate Junk Bonds Quiz
The Ultimate Junk Bonds Quiz
By: Staff
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Junk bonds are a controversial subject for some. For others, they may be the make-or-break purchase in their financial decisions. Find out where you stand taking this quiz.

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When you purchase bonds, you agree to lend money to the:
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Junk bonds usually entail high rates of returns or high yields. Why do junk-bond companies offer this?
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When did the junk bond craze reach its anti-climax?
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Michael Milken was sentenced to 10 years in jail. What was he found guilty of?
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How do you figure out if the bonds you've purchased are junk bonds?
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Ratings agencies give ratings for both "grade" and:
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How do they determine the willingness of a company to pay its debts?
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What is the recommended percentage of junk bonds within a diversified portfolio?
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Should you buy junk bonds only during economic boom or only during a recession?
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If a company takes risks, what sort of rating might it get?
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A bond that has a short maturity date has less chance of:
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