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People love to see kangaroo babies peeking out from their mother's pouch. Take this quiz to learn more about these hopping marsupials and how they suckle their young.

What type of animal is a kangaroo?

A kangaroo is a marsupial. Marsupials have pouches that are use to suckle and carry newly born kangaroos.


How many species of kangaroos are there?

Kangaroos have more than 50 species.


How do kangaroos run?

Kangaroos use their large back feet and legs to hop instead of run.


What are young kangaroos called?

Young kangaroos are also know as joeys.


What is the smallest of the kangaroo species?

The smallest of the species is the rat, and this kangaroo is smaller than a rabbit.


Which is the largest of the kangaroo species?

The largest of the species is the great kangaroo.


How fast can great kangaroos hop?

Great kangaroos can really move, up to 50 mph (80 kph) for short distances.


What does the kangaroo use its small front legs and feet for?

The small front legs and feet are used to gather leaves from plants or to dig for water.


How long is a kangaroo's hop?

One hop can move a kangaroo three to four time its body length.


What is the tail used for?

Kangaroos use their tail to push off when hopping and to balance on when standing.


How many baby kangaroos can be born from a single pregnancy?

Kangaroos carry only one joey per pregnancy, except for the musky rat-kangaroo, which has two to three joeys at a time.


When does the newborn move to the mother's pouch?

Four to five weeks after fertilization, the newborn moves to the mother's pouch, and does not permanently leave until about eight months old.


How big is a newborn kangaroo when it moves to the mother's pouch?

The newborn is the size of a lima bean when it instinctively makes its way into the mother's fur lined pouch.


What can kangaroos be trained to do with humans?

A kangaroo can be trained to box playfully with humans.


How does a wallaby differ from a kangaroo?

Both animals belong to the marsupial family and are macropods, but wallabies have smaller bodies and feet than kangaroos do.


Which animal has tough foot pads like hiking shoes?

The rock wallaby has tough pads on the bottom of its feet.


When does a joey leave the pouch?

The joey leaves the pouch at about eight months, but it may still nurse by poking its head back in.


How does a kangaroo defend itself?

If a kangaroo feels threatened, it can kick with its back legs and deliver quite a blow.


What are red and eastern gray kangaroos hunted for?

They are hunted for their meat and hides.


What do kangaroos eat?

Kangaroos like to graze on grass and small plants. Farmers consider kangaroos to be pests, and many kangaroos have killed by farmers.


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