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There's no place like home, but if your home happens to be not in Kansas, then there's no place for a family vacation like Kansas. Take this quiz and see what you know about visiting this welcoming state.

Which of these fictional adventure tales referred to Kansas as "home?"

It was the Wizard of Oz, and all poor Dorothy wanted to do was to get back home to Kansas.


Boot Hill Cemetery is known for its unique:

Boot Hill Cemetery has unique epitaphs, to the extent that old tombstones were re-created to preserve their memory.


At Boot Hill Museum, there's a reconstruction of what famous (or infamous!) 1870s street?

There's a reconstruction there of Front Street, a notorious street for shoot-outs.


What was the name of the jail in the Dodge City area?

The jail was called Fort Dodge and in its heyday, it housed many gunslingers and outlaws.


Where can you see figures of outlaws Jesse James and Buffalo Bill?

You can see them in all their gun-toting glory at the Gunfighter Wax Museum.


In Dodge City's past, it had a famous saloon, like in any good western. What was its name?

It was called the Long Branch Saloon, but don't ask why.


What outdoor activity is offered in the summer months in Kansas?

During the summer months, there are open-air concerts where you can enjoy the Dodge City Cowboy Band.


Where did they bury the outlaws in Boot Hill Cemetery?

They buried the outlaws side-by-side with the poor people, like it or not.


If you want to go back in time to see Dorothy, Toto and the Tin Man, where in Kansas can you do so?

You'll see them at the Oz Museum -- life-size figures of them as well as the rest of the Wizard of Oz characters.


Which of these items might you find at the Oz Museum?

Among other Wizard of Oz memorabilia, you'd find a Munchkin vest from that 1939 movie.


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