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Did you know that your kitchen probably harbors more germs than even your bathroom? Besides washing your hands often, what can you do to keep the bacteria under control? Find out what you need to know to keep your kitchen clean by taking our quiz.

Which daily ritual, usually performed in your kitchen, is a great way to relax?

Cooking is a great way to relax and clear your head. If you love the smell of fresh herbs and spices, try taking up cooking as a hobby.


Which room in your house is likely to harbor the most germs?

Though most people think the bathroom is the germiest room in the house, most studies have found that the majority of household germs are really hanging out in the kitchen. While working in the kitchen, make sure to wash your hands often.


What is the most common way germs are spread from one person to another?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, germs are most likely to be spread from one hand to another. Good hand hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of germs that can make you sick.


Moisture on your kitchen rags and sponges are a breeding ground for:

Your kitchen rags and sponges usually contain bacteria, because they are wet most of the time. Toss them in the washing machine often.


Running a fully-loaded dishwasher uses about _____ percent less water than hand-washing.

Make sure you've loaded as many dishes as possible into your dishwasher before starting a cycle. Running a fully-loaded dishwasher, without a pre-rinse cycle, uses about 35 percent less water than hand-washing.


Which type of dishwashing detergent is the best green choice?

Powdered dishwashing detergents are the best green choice for your dishwasher, because they are lighter and require less energy to transport.


Mainstream detergents contain chlorine, phosphorus and antimicrobials, which are potentially dangerous to your health and to the planet. Which type of dishwashing detergent is the better choice?

Buy liquid and powder that is natural, biodegradable and free of phosphates and petroleum.


What percent of the energy used by dishwashers goes toward heating the water?

Dishwashers consume most of their energy cost to heat the water.


How can you save money and energy while using your dishwasher?

To save energy while using your dishwasher, air dry the dishes at the end of the wash cycle and use short cycles whenever possible.


What should you do with your old dishwasher.

Throw out your old dishwasher and buy a new one whenever possible. Old dishwashers are not energy efficient; newer models use much less water and energy.


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