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Traveling with your pet may require some safety precautions. Purchase a crate, carrier or pet seat so your pet may ride safely in comfort. Take this quiz to learn more about how to keep your pet entertained on a long car trip.

What is the safest way for a pet to ride in a car?

Safely in a crate, carrier or pet seat is the only way to ride.


How may you acclimate your pet to a road trip?

To help acclimate your pet, take some short practice car trips.


How many hours a day does a cat sleep?

A cat may sleep about 16 hours per day.


On a road trip with pets, how often should you take a break?

Give your pet a break about every two hours.


What may be a good cat toy for a road trip?

A scratching post may be a good distraction for your cat while road tripping.


May you take your dog to an amusement park?

You may take your dog to an amusement park only if they have an on-site kennel.


Should you play with your pet while driving?

Do not let your pet distract you while driving. Take a break every two hours to play with your pet.


Which animal may be the least distracting while on a car trip?

A cat will sleep for much of the trip, so it may be the least distracting animal to road trip with.


What should you put inside your dog's carrier?

Bring along your dog's favorite toys and a comfy blanket.


Why should you bring a leash along while road tripping with your dog?

Wherever you go, follow the local leash laws, and use a leash to control your dog while on a break from driving.


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