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Do you slaughter the daily Sudoku grid? Turn crossword puzzles into carnage? See how much you know about one of the newest strategy-based brain teaser games called KenKen.

Who invented KenKen puzzles?

Japanese math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto created the first KenKen puzzle in 2004.


KenKen is similar to what other popular puzzle?

KenKen puzzles are often compared to sudoku puzzles.


What does the name "KenKen" mean?

<i>Ken</i> means wisdom in Japanese, so "KenKen" roughly translates to wisdom squared.


Do you need to have a lot of math skills to solve a KenKen puzzle?

Basic arithmetic skills are needed to solve KenKen puzzles.


What is the name of the computer program that creates KenKen puzzles?

The computer program that creates today's KenKen puzzles is called the Kenerator.


In which newspaper did KenKen puzzles first appear daily?

The Times (UK) first began publishing KenKen puzzles daily in March 2008.


Which company began marketing KenKen worldwide?

Nextoy, LLC began marketing the puzzle worldwide in 2008.


Which was the first American magazine to run KenKen puzzles?

In 2009, Reader's Digest became the first U.S. magazine to publish a KenKen puzzle.


Which U.S. puzzle guru helped popularize KenKen?

Will Shortz has been the editor of The New York Times' crossword puzzle since 1993.


What grid sizes are used in KenKen puzzles?

KenKen puzzle grids must be at least 3-by-3 and no larger than 9-by-9.


What are the outlined boxes within the puzzles called?

The outlined boxes within each KenKen grid are called cages.


What math function might be specified in each cage?

Each cage might specify the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.


What is the rule regarding repeating numbers?

Numbers cannot be repeated in any row or column.


Can there be more than one answer to a KenKen puzzle?

Each puzzle has only one correct answer.


Which numbers are used to solve a 4-by-4 puzzle?

Numbers one, two, three and four are used to solve a 4-by-4 puzzle.


KenKen creator Tetsuya Miyamoto runs a popular year-long weekend class that accepts how many students?

Miyamoto's school accepts only the first 20 students who apply.


What kind of instruction does Miyamoto give his students?

Miyamoto does not give any formal instruction to his students; he believes people learn better by solving puzzles on their own, thus exercising their brains.


How many puzzles can you play each day at KenKen.com?

There are six new puzzles of varying difficulty each day on KenKen.com.


Are larger-grid puzzles harder to solve than smaller-grid puzzles?

In general, larger-grid puzzles are harder than smaller-grid puzzles, but that's not always the case.


Which of the following is NOT a good tip if you're having difficulty solving a KenKen puzzle?

Cages with even numbers of boxes aren't necessarily easier to solve than cages with an odd number of boxes.


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