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A dirty keyboard is more than just an esthetic issue: It can be a health problem, because it carries evidence of everything we do with our hands. Learn how to prevent the spread of keyboard bacteria by taking this quiz.

What is the most common form of inputting information into a computer?

The most common device is the computer keyboard.


Which of the following will probably show the most signs of use?

The mouse and the keyboard will usually show the most signs of use and abuse.


According to recent studies, what is the more likely source of infection?

A study in 2008 showed that keyboards had significantly more bacteria than either toilet seats or door handles.


Other than germs on peripherals, what other problem can eating at your desk cause?

Crumbs or fluids spilt on a keyboard can cause it to stop working.


Where does a keyboard usually collect dirt?

The gutters and crevices between and under the keys gather dust, hair and crumbs.


What is the simplest way to remove dirt from the keyboard?

Turn off the computer and shake the keyboard after turning it upside down.


How would you begin to deal with stubborn dirt under the keys?

Most of it can be dislodged by using a gas duster, also known as "canned air".


Assuming the canned air doesn't work, should you try an air compressor used for car tires?

Sure, if you want to blow the keys away or spray the keyboard with chemicals that may be in the air -- so, no air compressors.


Blowing air didn't help, can I use a Dust Buster vacuum cleaner?

Using vacuums designed for furniture or carpets can rip off the keys or fry the keyboard electronics with static electricity.


And now what can you do if the dirt is still there?

There are a number of cleaning tools available, such as special brushes and specially designed computer vacuum cleaners.


Can a regular keyboard be cleaned in a dishwasher?

Any regular keyboard will probably be irreparably damaged by the onslaught of heat and water. There are a few special keyboards are guaranteed dishwasher safe.


After removing the dust and crumbs, what can you do about the grease and germs.

You could use sprays or wipes designed to clean and disinfect computer peripherals.


Other than specialized sprays and wipes what else can be safely used to remove grime from a keyboard?

A 50-50 mixture of tap water and isopropyl alcohol (which is an antiseptic) will do the job.


Why not simply remove the keys of a keyboard to clean them and the keyboard?

Although the keys can usually be removed, this is an extremely delicate process and should be used only as an absolute last resort. Remember, you could irreparably damage the keyboard.


If using approved cleaning liquids, what is the best way to clean the keys?

Dampen a microfiber cloth and work carefully to prevent the liquid from running under the keys.


Can cotton swabs help in the cleaning process?

Cotton swabs dampened with isopropyl alcohol can help clean between the keys.


Is it a good idea to remove a laptop battery before using liquids to clean the keyboard?

Removing a laptop battery will prevent shock.


Is there any problem with using cotton swabs to clean a keyboard?

The main problem could be getting the cotton fibers caught in tight places.


Since it is an antiseptic, is it enough to clean the keyboard with alcohol?

You need something like an antibacterial household cleaner to kill all the germs


If you use a new, flexible silicone keyboard, do you still need to go through all these cleaning processes?

No matter what kind of keyboard you use, you will still need to clean it, since you touch it with your bare fingers.


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