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Dancing dates back thousands of years, and the practice has played a key role in ritual, tradition, ceremony and celebration for cultures around the world. With such deep roots, it's no wonder that the kids on "Footloose" weren't prepared to give up dancing without a fight! Take our quiz to see how much you know about this classic '80s film.

Which actor boogied his way into the spotlight as Ren in the 1984 flick?

In one of his first starring movie roles, Kevin Bacon played dancing teen Ren McCormack in the original 1984 version of "Footloose."


What is the name of the town where the film is set?

Ren McCormack moves from big-city Chicago to middle-of-nowhere Bomont -- a town so ruled by religion that dancing and rock music have been totally banned by the town council.


What article of clothing cements the friendship between Willard and Ren?

New friends Willard and Ren meet when Ren accidentally runs into Willard in the hallway. The pair start off arguing, until Ren makes a comment about Willard's cowboy hat that helps break the ice. From there, the pair are best buds, and Willard is the one who informs Ren about the town's dancing ban.


Who is the cliched "rebellious preacher's daughter" in the film?

Has there ever been a film about a preacher's daughter who wasn't trying to push the envelope? When the film opens, the Reverend's daughter is playing chicken with semi trucks and dating bad boy Chuck Cranston.


Which actor plays Reverend Shaw Moore?

It's John Lithgow who plays preacher Shaw Moore, with Lori Singer as his troubled daughter, Ariel -- who wants nothing more than to get away from her father and the small town where she was born.


Who plays Ariel's BFF, Rusty?

It's young Sarah Jessica Parker, who would later hit it big on "Sex and the City," who plays Ariel's pal Rusty. Rusty also dates Ren's pal Willard, and even attends the big dance with him.


How does Chuck plan to get revenge after Ren insults him?

When Chuck and Ren exchange words at the start of the film, Chuck challenges the new kid to a game of chicken -- played on tractors. Ren wins the match after his shoelace gets stuck and he is unable to leap off the machine.


What tune plays as Ren teaches Willard to dance?

WhenRen learns that WIllard can't dance, he sets out to teach his buddy to get down. Willard picks up the rhythm over an extended sequence, where Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear It For the Boy" plays in the background.


What is the name of the Reverend's wife?

Shaw Moore's wife, Vi, proves to be much more than just a preacher's wife -- forcing her husband to expand his mind and think beyond his tightly-held beliefs.


What is the name of Moore's son, who died in a car crash?

Five years before Ren came to town, dancing and music were banned in Bomont, under the guise of keeping teens safe. Part of the reason for the ban was the death of Bobby Moore, who was killed after a car he was riding in went off a bridge.


Who beats Ariel up in the film?

When Ariel decides to leave Chuck for Ren, Chuck attacks Ariel and leaves her lying in the dirt. She does manage to do some damage to his car before he drives off, however.


What does Ariel give to Ren right after she gets beat up?

After Chuck brutally beats her, Ariel meets up with Ren and gives him a music box that plays "Almost Paradise." The new couple then share their very first kiss.


What does Ren request from the town council?

Ren boldly goes before the town council and requests that the dancing ban is lifted so the students at the high school can have a prom. Ariel is a big help - she tells all the teens to come to the meeting to support Ren.


Why does Ren want a prom so badly?

When Ren's father abandoned the family, he left Ren feeling like nothing he did mattered. The fight to bring dancing back to Bomont has restored Ren's belief that he can make a difference and do something for himself and others.


Who forces the town council to listen to Ren?

The preacher's wife, Vi, proves once again that she's no wallflower. She stands up for Ren at the town council meeting and forces the board members to let Ren speak.


True or false: Ren is caught smoking marijuana.

Ren never uses drugs in the film. In fact, when a fellow student offers him a joint at school, he flushes it down the toilet to stay out of trouble.


What does Ariel give Ren to use at the town council meeting?

Ariel gives Ren a Bible with highlighted passages that reference music, dance and celebration. She and Ren hope that speaking straight from the Bible can convince the town council to permit a prom.


Where does Ren work?

One of the first things Ren does when he comes to Bomont is take a job. He scores a position at a local mill, where he hauls heavy bags of flour and stacks them for shipping.


True or false: Reverend Moore is so moved by Ren's speech at the council meeting that he approves the prom that same night.

Moore appreciates what Ren says at the meeting, but still feels that the prom is wrong for the town. He does promise to think about it, and Ren later comes to the Reverend's house to discuss the issue man-to-man.


What book do the townspeople burn because it is a bad influence?

The people in Bomont are furious that Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five" is being taught at the school. They organize an angry book burning, which Reverend Moore opposes. The entire event causes Moore to realize that he can't be a father to the entire town -- and leads him to approve the prom.


Where is the prom held?

It's Ren's boss who informs him that dancing is legal in Bayson, which is just over the tracks from the mill. Ren arranges to hold the dance in an old warehouse in Bayson.


Who takes Ariel to the dance?

Ariel sports an oh-so-'80s off-the-shoulder pink dress when Ren escorts her to the prom in his old VW Beetle.


Who shows up to cause trouble at the prom?

Chuck and his buddies come to the prom to mess with Ren and Willard, but they manage to leave Chuck bloodied and bruised on the ground as they head into the dance with their dates.


True or false: "Footloose" was inspired by a real story.

When Elmore City, Oklahoma, was founded, the town had a rule against public dancing. In 1979, students in Elmore petitioned to hold a school prom and were successful. The event served as the inspiration for the movie.


True or false: Tom Cruise turned down the part of Ren.

Tom Cruise was offered the part of Ren, but had to turn it down because he was obligated to appear in the 1983 movie, "All the Right Moves." Actor Christopher Atkins was also briefly awarded the part, before it finally went to Kevin Bacon.


Which singer auditioned for the part of Ariel?

Madonna auditioned for the part of Ariel, but the role went to Lori Singer instead.


True or false: The film was originally called "Cheek to Cheek."

Scriptwriter Dean Pitchford originally titled the film "Cheek to Cheek," but scribbled down "Footloose and Fancy Free" one day, which he later shortened to "Footloose."


In what year did "Footloose" get a big-budget remake?

The film got a major studio remake in 2011, but in this version, Ren moved to Bomont from Boston after his mother died of cancer. In the original 1984 version, his mom moved from Chicago to Bomont with her son.


Who played Ariel in the 2011 "Footloose" remake?

Country singer and "Dancing With the Stars" celeb Julianne Hough played the rebellious Ariel in the 2011 remake, with Kenny Wormald as Ren.


Which actor played Reverend Shaw Moore in the 2011 "Footloose" remake?

It was Dennis Quaid who played the stern preacher in the remake, with Andie MacDowell in the role of his surprisingly strong wife, Vi.


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