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Decorating a child's bathroom is an adventure in care and creativity. Take this quiz and find out how you can turn a utilitarian space into a utopian place.

In a kid's bathroom, what kind of paint should you choose?

Brightly painted walls in the bathroom not only have a dramatic effect, but it is also simple and cost-effective to repaint when tastes and styles change.


What is the most important characteristic of a bath rug in a kid's bathroom?

While the bath rug should coordinate well with the décor, safety is the prime directive, so it is essential that the rug be a nonslip one.


Which of the following is not a safety feature?

Avoid sharp edges and ensure that corners of shelves and countertops are rounded.


How should you install a grab bar in a bath or shower?

For children and adults alike, to ensure that the grab bar is securely fastened, screw it into the wall.


What does an antiscald device do?

Installing an antiscald device will ensure that your child will not burn himself with water that is too hot.


What item can you use to make a safe and novel hook?

Turning up the end of a toothbrush and hanging it on the wall is a clever way to make a hook or peg to hang a lightweight item like a hand towel.


On wall tiles, which of the following is not a recommended feature for a stick-on accent?

Accents on wall tiles should be not only self-adhesive, washable and water-resistant, but they should be removable and reusable as well.


What kind of paint should you use to stencil onto wall tile?

If the tiles are in good condition, you can add some colorful design by stenciling a pattern, using with china paints.


What is the advantage of having a child-sized bathroom suite?

A suite of fixtures designed especially for young children is safer and more comfortable, because the kids don't have to use a plastic fitting on the toilet seat to sit properly or need a step stool to reach the sink.


In a child-size bathroom suite, why should all the fixtures have conventionally sized plumbing?

You should select a bathroom system with a toilet, sink and tub whose plumbing is of conventional size so you can replace them with standard size fixtures when the kids get bigger.


With a child-size bathtub, what is an inviolable rule?

No matter how child-friendly a bathtub may appear, be it large or small, you must never take your eyes off a child in a bathtub.


Why should you not install a TV over the bathtub?

Electrical installation in a bathroom could be dangerous. A TV set mounted on the wall could fall into the tub, and improperly installed outlets and light switches could be a fire hazard.


What is the advantage of using tempered glass over regular glass in the bathroom?

As a safety feature, it's better to use tempered glass in a bathroom. If it breaks, tempered glass will crack but it won't shatter like regular glass, which leaves dangerously sharp shards.


How much space should you leave for doors or cabinet drawers to open freely?

To make sure that doors or the drawers on cabinets open easily for both children and adults, leave two feet (about 61 centimeters) of space in front of them.


What is the advantage of using removable accessories in a kid's bathroom?

If you keep the surface materials simple and add personal kiddy touches with removable items such as Disney bath mats and rubber ducky shower curtains, you can easily make the bathroom more sophisticated when the kids get older without having to do a remodeling job.


Which of the following is a good element to have in a bathroom?

Porcelain tile is ideal for the bathroom because it is nonporous and water resistant, whereas carpeting and wallpaper retain moisture and humidity.


If you are planning to use natural stone or hardwood in the bathroom, what should you do first?

If you use a semi-porous surface such as natural stone or hardwood, it is important to have it well sealed to ensure that it won't be marred by steam and humidity. A nontoxic sealer is, of course, preferable.


What is the best type of wood to use in the bathroom?

Teak is an excellent type of wood for your bathroom décor because it's naturally water-resistant.


In terms of the environment, what are VOCs?

To keep the bathroom safer for your kids, use materials that have no or low VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These compounds are emitted as gases from certain solids and liquids, such as paint, and can have a negative effect on health.


Why are halogen light bulbs a good choice?

When lighting a bathroom, halogen bulbs are a good choice because they offer a wide range of light that is similar to sunlight. For overall bathroom lighting, installing recessed lights in the ceiling is a good idea.


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