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Eating healthy is essential for your child's physical and intellectual health. In today's world, with a high prevalence of childhood obesity and related health complications, it is even more important to educate your child about healthy eating habits. Take this quiz and learn how you can promote healthy eating for your child.

Your child's ____________ skills are fostered when your child helps in the kitchen.

Helping out in the kitchen is both fun and educational for children. Foster your child's math skills by learning about measurements and foster your child's reading skills by reading recipe instructions.


Which of the following is an unhealthy source of milk?

It is essential that children get their daily milk requirements. It really doesn't matter if the milk is chocolate or strawberry flavored.


Children who drink milk daily have higher levels of:

Children who drink the recommended daily intake of milk have higher levels of vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium compared to children who don't drink milk regularly.


Children who drink milk daily have a lower risk of developing:

Children who drink the recommended daily intake of milk have a lower body mass index compared to children who don't drink milk. Children who drink milk are also at decreased risk of developing obesity and other health complications later in life.


What is the recommended daily intake of dairy for children?

Children should consume three servings of low-fat or fat free dairy a day. One serving of dairy is equal to eight ounces of milk, two ounces of cheese or a cup of yogurt.


What is the preferred nutritional source of dairy intake?

Milk is the preferred dairy product, because it's a good source of calcium and other vital nutrients.


Besides dairy products, what is another source of calcium?

If your child does not drink milk, your child should get his or her calcium from other food sources, such as green leafy vegetables.


How can you promote healthy eating in your household?

Get your kids involved with food preparation and educate them about where food comes from. Your kids are more likely to eat healthy if they feel invested in it.


Encourage healthy eating in your household by:

Feed your kids like you feed yourself. Prepare one, healthy meal for the entire family and don't resort to being a short order cook.


What food ingredient should you ban from your home?

Clear out your pantry and fridge and ban any food product that contains high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oil. Both of these ingredients contribute to obesity and health complications later in life.


Sugary snacks leads to:

Educate your older children about the hazards of eating sugary snacks. Sugary snacks leads to weight gain, acne, fatigue, rotting teeth and poor concentration.


What is an especially unhealthy substitute for water with children?

Sports drinks typically contain high fructose corn syrup, which is difficult for a child to digest properly.


Children who consistently eat dinner with their families have:

Healthy eating is not the only goal for family dinner time. Children who eat with their families are at decreased risk of drug use and have better communication with their parents.


How can you keep your child interested in healthy eating?

Most kids stick to the staples – peas, corn and carrots. Steer away from the ordinary and try new and exotic healthy ingredients. Experiment with new recipes that your child may like.


Organic foods typically contain:

Once your family has made a successful transition to healthier foods, start buying organic products. Organic food is generally more nutritious and contains less pesticides and herbicides compared to non-organic food.


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