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Want to decorate your kids’ rooms? Take our quiz and learn how to decorate the ultimate kid's bedroom for your little prince or princess.

What is the first and foremost factor to take into consideration when decorating your kid's room?

Safety should be your most important consideration when decorating your kid's bedroom. Look for items that are sturdily constructed and have either the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission label or the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association label on whatever you purchase.


To prevent your little pride and joy from going bungee jumping, how many inches below the guardrails should the mattress on a top bunk bed be?

All bunk beds should have guardrails, with the mattress on the top bunk at least five inches below the guardrail. Also, make sure the space between the guardrail and the bed is too narrow for a child's head to get caught.


How far apart should a crib's slats be?

Slats should be no more than 2 1/8 inches apart, so that your little cutie pie cannot get his or her head stuck between the slats. Most cribs made before 1990 will need to have additional slats inserted.


Where is the best place to store diapering supplies and spare clothes?

It is safest to store diapering supplies and spare clothes in an open storage compartment within arm's reach of the changing table, so that you are not tempted to leave junior unattended on the change table. Also, make sure your changing table has guardrails and a safety strap to keep junior safe.


If I want to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere for my overworked and overstressed child, what are the best paint colors to choose?

Blue-violet, blue and blue-green create a relaxing and cool atmosphere. The yellows, on the opposite side of the color wheel, create an energetic atmosphere, while beige, brown, gray and white are neutral colors.


Ranging from the largest amount to the smallest amount, in what amounts should paint colors be used?

Generally, the lightest or coolest color should be used in the largest amount, the medium color in the next largest amount and the darkest color used just as an accent.


Help! My child wants his room decorated in dramatic colors. How can I make sure I won't need a blindfold every time I enter my child's bedroom?

Paint the room in lighter versions of their chosen colors, and purchase furniture and accessories in the dramatic colors they like. This will also make it easier to change the room's décor when they outgrow their current outlandish taste.


My child's room looks like a bowling alley. How can I make it appear wider?

Paint or wallpaper the narrow end walls with horizontal stripes. This will make the walls appear wider.


How often should you replace a mattress?

Experts contend that you should replace a mattress every 10 years, so if you need to choose between purchasing a new mattress or a bed frame, go for the mattress.


What is a captain's bed?

A captain's bed is a trundle bed that has storage drawers underneath. If properly designed, it should have high sides to prevent the child sleeping in it from going "overboard."


How can I make it easier for my child to keep his room neat?

Make it as easy as possible for them to straighten up. Have open storage spaces, instead of closed closets and draws. Use hooks and pegs instead of hanging rails -- hangers can be difficult to handle.


What is a good choice of desk for a child who uses the computer extensively for homework?

Ergonomics is important for children, too. Provide them with a computer armoire that features a lower work surface and a wrist rest. A supportive office chair is also important.


Safety alert. The walls in my child's room are painted in a lead-based paint. What is the safest way to deal with it when redecorating?

It is considered safest to paint over lead base paint rather than to strip it off, but check with your local public health office first.


What is the best tool to use when painting woodwork and rough textured surfaces?

A flat brush is best for painting woodwork and other rough textured surfaces. It gives you more control and spreads the paint more efficiently.


When painting with a roller, how much paint should you fill the roller with?

Fill the roller with 1/2 an inch of paint, so that the roller is full, without being too full that it drips.


I am attempting to paint my kid's bedroom! In what direction should I be painting?

When painting, always follow the grain and paint horizontally in horizontal sections and vertically in vertical sections.


What should a decoupage mixture be made out of?

A decoupage mixture is made out of one part water to one part glue. Don't forget to brush the mixture over the images you have glued down to seal them.


When cutting wallpaper, how can I ensure a smooth cut?

To ensure a smooth cut when cutting wallpaper, use a utility knife, and cut with the broad part of the instrument as a guide, making sure to avoid lifting the knife blade as you cut.


How many people does it take to wallpaper a wall?

Ideally, two people should wallpaper a wall, with one person cutting and preparing the paper and the other hanging it.


What are the ideal materials for a rug in a child's room?

Nylon, olefin, wool or cotton are the ideal materials for a rug in a child's room. Sisal is scratchy and difficult to clean.


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