You sent how many texts this month?: A Quiz on Kids and Cell Phones

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Many parents think it would be practical for their kid to have a phone of her own, only to find her talking and texting 24/7 after she receives it. Take this quiz to see how much you know about kids and cell phones.

How old are most kids when they receive their first cell phone?

According to a recent survey, kids are starting to tote their own phones by age 11. About 10 percent of parents, however, buy phones for younger children.


How many texts does an average teenager send per month?

Believe it or not, most teenagers send more than 3,000 texts every month!


True or false: All 50 states have enacted texting and phone bans while driving.

All but 11 U.S. states have passed laws against distracted driving, which include bans on calling and texting while driving.


In 2010, what percentage of car-related fatalities involved cell phones?

According to the Web site, 18 percent of all vehicle fatalities in the U.S. in 2010 were "distraction related," meaning they were a direct result of texting or using the phone while driving.


What is one unexpected side effect of texting for teenagers?

Constantly texting with friends often means texting late into the night. Making sure your child turns her phone off before bed ensures she won't be tempted to stay up and chat with her friends.


How do prepaid minutes help kids with cell phones?

Prepaid phones provide a certain, prepaid amount of minutes and texts each month. This helps kids manage their phone call lengths and limit the amount of texts they send each day.


What's the purpose of a cell phone contract with kids?

A cell phone contract approved by both parents and kids specifies phone use expectations and consequences.


Which activity will help keep your kids off their phones?

Active kids tend to spend more time interacting with other people instead of a phone keyboard!


What's the main reason parents say they give their kids cell phones?

If your kid travels alone to and from school or goes to activities without you, a cell phone may be practical for safety reasons. However, you should consider your child's needs before you put a phone in his hands.


What is a phone "time out"?

Establishing a phone time out each night is an efficient way to keep kids off their phones. It's not a punishment, and it allows children to rest, eat or interact with the family without the constant, distracting sound of their ring tone.


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