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King Graham and his cohorts have been adventuring for decades in this immensely successful video game series. How much do you know about "King's Quest?"

Who is the main character in "King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne?"

He sets off to rescue a young woman trapped at the top of a distant tower.


At the beginning of "King's Quest V," what does the evil wizard Mordack steal?

King Graham must set off across the lands to find Mordack and rescue his family.


What year was the first King's Quest game released?

It was "King's Quest: Quest for the Crown."


What interface changes overhauled gameplay in "King's Quest V?"

Previous versions required you to type commands endlessly.


"King's Quest IV" was one of the first computer games to ever feature what?

Rosella sets off to find a magical fruit with healing properties so that she can save her dying father.


Which software company created the "King's Quest" series?

Founded in 1979, it is a now part of Activision.


A snippet from which pop song appears in "King's Quest II?"

It's just a few seconds of the song, though, otherwise the developers would've been stuck paying royalties.


Which edition of the game takes place mostly in the Land of the Green Isles?

Once you find a magical map you can hop back and forth between the islands.


Which edition of the game benefited from the newly-introduced VGA display standards?

The game's graphics were noticeably better than in previous games.


What did the so-called magic map allow you to do in "King's Quest III?"

It spared you the tedium of traversing the same ground dozens of times.


Which game is considered a prelude to the "King's Quest" series?

Released in 1980, it offered tantalizing clues to the adventures on the horizon.


The first King's Quest title was notable because its graphics accomplished what feat?

There was a bit of depth perception as various onscreen objects could move around each other.


What creature is Rosella transformed into during "King's Quest VII?"

And she's condemned to marry another troll.


Which Quest was subtitled: "To Heir Is Human?"

This one was considered quite a bit more difficult to complete than its predecessors; the controls were infuriating to many users.


"King's Quest IV" was one pioneering game that made use of what?

It meant that the game featured much more sophisticated music and sound effects than other games.


With whom did Roberta Williams found Sierra Entertainment?

Robert became known as the "Queen of Graphic Adventures" for her trailblazing video game work.


How many copies did "King's Quest VI" sell in its first week?

Many critics and fans call this the best game in the entire series.


On which platforms was "King's Quest III" NOT released?

Thanks to its success, the game was converted for use on other systems.


A reboot of the franchise "reimagined" the King's Quest games as a series of how many episodes?

The episodes were slated for staggered release in 2015 and 2016.


"The Princeless Bride" is the subtitle for which edition of the series?

It was an amusing play on the popular movie "The Princess Bride."


Who is Connor, the protagonist of "King's Quest: Mask of Eternity?"

He vows to save the royal family after they are turned to stone.


What's the name of the kingdom in which many of the quests take place?

Daventry is also a real-world town in England.


"King's Quest: Mask of Eternity" allowed players to do what with their gaming perspective?

First-person offered more detail, but developers intended gamers to use mostly the third-person view.


What natural phenomenon lends an air of realism to "King's Quest IV?"

Cheery scenes at high noon become downright ominous once the sun sets.


Which version of the game was the first to NOT feature Graham as the primary character?

Instead, a boy named Gwydion assumes the role of protagonist.


How did the player cast spells in "King's Quest III?"

At times, this process became very tedious.


Why were some religious groups upset about the content of "King's Quest III?"

The atmosphere and setting of the game was moody and dark, a perfect place for black magic.


"King's Quest: Mask of Eternity" introduced which element to the series?

Not everyone was happy to see fighting introduced into the adventure series.


In "King's Quest III," Gwydion is held captive by who?

The wizard forces Gwydion to do his bidding, which often includes household chores.


Which game had cartoonish animations reminiscent of a Disney movie?

Some people enjoyed the graphics; others found them to be a disappointment.


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