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Knife hunting is not for the faint of heart. It requires the hunter to get close and personal with the prey, which is thrilling but also can be extremely dangerous. One of the toughest prey is the wild boar. Boar are hunted using knives in America, Australia and some parts of Asia. Take this quiz to learn more about the thrills and dangers of knife hunting.

What is a serious deficiency of hunting with a knife?

When using a knife to hunt, the hunter must get up close and personal with the prey -- which is quite dangerous.


What kind of prey can be hunted with a knife?

Hunters can use knives to stab boar.


What other animal can be involved in hunting for boar?

Dogs may be an asset when hunting for boar.


What is the oldest weapon?

Knives are the oldest weapon used by man.


When did the use of steel for the making of knives start?

The Romans introduced steel knives.


What is the thicker part of the blade that has contact with the handle?

The bolster is the thicker part of the blade and touches the handle.


What is the profile?

The profile is the shape of the blade.


What balances the weight of the blade?

The knife butt, also known as the pommel, balances the weight of the blade.


When was the Swiss Army Knife introduced?

This famous knife was introduced during the 1800s.


What material are most knives made of today?

Most knives are made of steel.


What weapons allow hunters some distance from their prey?

Guns and crossbows allow hunters the safety of distance.


How does a boar sharpen its four tusks?

The boar rubs his tusks on trees to sharpen them.


How fast can boars charge?

Boar can charge at speeds of 25 mph (40 kph).


Besides America, where else are boar hunted?

Hunters in the Australia Outback also participate in boar hunting.


Who is the king of boar hunting using knives?

Combat veteran Tony Cascarella is the acknowledged king of boar hunting with knives.


What kind of knife is appropriate to use for boar hunting?

A sheath knife is the choice for boar hunting.


Why may there be no weight restrictions for boar hunting?

Boars are considered invasive animals by many game and natural resources departments.


Why should you have more than one knife when boar hunting?

You may need more than one if you miss the boar on a throw or it takes more than one hit.


How should hunting dogs be protected when used for hunting boar?

Dogs should be outfitted with neck and chest armor.


What kind of dog may be best for hunting boar?

One breeder thinks that a mix of bulldog with mastiff makes for a good boar-hunting dog.


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