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Knitting seems like a calm and relaxing hobby, but with all of those stitches, needles and yarns, it can get pretty complex. Think you know everything about knitting? Take this quiz to find out.

You just started knitting, and you want to make the easiest scarf possible. Which knitting stitch should you use?

Knits and purls are the most basic units of knitting, and most new knitters pick up on knits first. You can make an easy scarf in garter stitch by making every stitch a knit. Stockinette stitch and ribbing require both knitting and purling.


Which science fiction TV character has spawned a trend of fans knitting their own red, orange and yellow hats?

Fans of Jayne Cobb from "Firefly" make or buy hand-knit reproductions of his very cunning hat, complete with ear flaps.


The word "felting" might remind you of arts and crafts fabric from elementary school, but what does it refer to in knitting?

If you knit with the right yarn -- usually wool -- you can wash your creation to shrink it, which makes it denser and more durable. This is felting.


The phrase "rev St st" might look like some kind of code, but it's really from an abbreviation system used in knitting patterns. What should you do when you see "rev St st"?

If you see these letters in a pattern, use a reverse stockinette stitch.


Which of the following terms does NOT typically describe a bundle of yarn you might buy in a store?

Store-bought yarn typically comes in balls, skeins and hanks. If you want to wind a small amount of yarn onto a separate holder, you can use a bobbin.


Allison Murray of England knitted a holiday decoration that measured more than 25 feet (7.62 meters) tall. What was it?

Murray's Christmas tree was used as a fundraiser.


The Sock Summit 2009 attempted to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people knitting together at the same time. How many people were needed to break the record?

The Sock Summit needed 1,600 people to knit together in order to break the world record. That's a lot of socks!


How long was the original knit scarf worn by Tom Baker in the BBC television show "Doctor Who"?

The Doctor's scarf changed from season to season during Baker's reign, but the first one was 20 feet (6.10 meters) long and hand-knit.


Knitters can get pretty competitive. What "Assassin"-style competition brings knitters together from around the world?

Sock Wars connects knitters with a single pattern and goal: Be the last knitter standing.


Who was called the First Lady of Knitting?

During World War II, first lady Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged Americans at home to knit warm clothing for the troops.


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