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"Knots Landing" packed plenty of drama into its decade-plus run, with more marriages, murders and scandals than you'd expect to find on a quiet Los Angeles cul-de-sac. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the show's most memorable moments.

"Knots Landing" is a spinoff of this classic series.

"Knots Landing" is a "Dallas" spinoff that focuses on Gary and Val Ewing as they move from Dallas to Los Angeles.


What year did "Knots Landing" premiere?

"Knots Landing" premiered Dec. 27, 1979, and ran until 1993.


How many seasons did the show run?

The prime-time drama consisted of 344 episodes over 14 seasons, making it one of the longest-running series in TV history.


Where did the stars of "Knots Landing" live?

Val and Gary and the rest of the gang live on a cul-de-sac called Seaview Circle, located in Granada Hills, California.


Which character is featured in the most episodes?

Michele Lee played Karen MacKenzie in 344 episodes, making her the only character to appear in every episode of "Knots Landing."


Who was NOT among the original four couples when the show premiered?

The show originally focused on four couples, including Gary and Val Ewing, Karen and Sid Fairgate, Laura and Richard Avery and Ginger and Kenny Ward.


How does Sid Fairgate die?

Sid Fairgate dies at the end of season two after his car goes over a cliff.


Who does Karen marry after Sid's death?

Karen marries Mack MacKenzie after losing Sid to a terrible car accident.


Who played Gary Ewing on the show?

Shackelford reprised his role as Gary Ewing from "Dallas" on "Knots Landing."


Who breaks up Val and Gary after their second marriage?

After Val and Gary remarry and move to Los Angeles, their second attempt at wedded bliss ends when Abby and Gary begin an affair.


Which of these is NOT one of Val and Gary's kids?

Val and Gary have three children: oldest daughter Lucy and twins Bobby and Betsy.


Who does Val marry after splitting with Gary?

Val marries Ben Gibson, then later weds Danny Waleska, after she and Gary split.


How many times do Val and Gary ultimately end up getting married?

At the end of "Knots Landing," Gary learns Val is still alive and reunites with her at the ocean to marry her for the third time.


What is the name of Val's mom?

Val's mom, Lilimae Clements, played by Julie Harris, moves out to Los Angeles to live with Val and Gary during season three of the show.


What Seaview Circle resident is related to Abby?

Abby goes to Seaview Circle to visit big brother Sid on her way to San Diego, but she likes Los Angeles so much she decides to stay.


Who kills Ciji?

While Gary is charged with Ciji's death, viewers later learn that Chip Roberts is the real killer.


Who dies falling off a roof after trying to kill Cathy?

Joshua Rush, played by Alec Baldwin, dies after trying to push Cathy Geary off a roof.


Who played Paige Matheson on the show?

Sheridan played Paige Matheson on 181 episodes of "Knots Landing."


What character was played by Michelle Philips?

Former singer Michelle Philips played jet-setter Anne Matheson on the show.


What character comes to Los Angeles as part of the Witness Protection Program?

Jerry Sollars from Chicago becomes Frank Williams after moving to Los Angeles, thanks to the Witness Protection Program.


What sport was Kate Whittaker known for?

Kate Whittaker was a tennis hopeful until bumping into Gary Ewing at a barbecue and breaking her arm.


How many times does Abby marry on "Knots Landing"?

Abby weds Jeff Cunningham, Gary Ewing, Charles Scott and Greg Summer, for a total of four marriages.


What organization is after Gary Ewing in season five?

In its attempt to catch Gary Ewing, the Wolfbridge Group kidnaps Abby and shoots Karen at the end of season five.


True or false: Val and Gary's twins died at birth.

In true "Knots Landing" fashion, Gary and Val are told that their twins have died at birth when the kids have actually been kidnapped and sold on the black market.


Who kills Sen. Peter Hollister?

Paige accidentally kills Peter, leaving Abby to bury the body in concrete in an attempt to hide the crime.


Who forces Val to swallow sleeping pills?

In an effort to take out her romantic rival, Jill Bennett forces Val to swallow sleeping pills at gunpoint.


How does Chip Roberts die?

After seeing Cathy, who looks just like the dead Ciji, Chip Roberts falls back onto a pitchfork and dies.


How does the psychotic Danny Waleska meet his maker?

After marrying Val, the crazy Danny tries to attack Julie and ends up falling in the pool and drowning.


What is Ben Gibson's job when he meets Val?

Ben meets Val while working as a reporter and writing a story about Gary. He eventually falls in love with Val and marries her before fleeing to South America.


How many Emmy awards did "Knots Landing" win?

The long-running series won just one Emmy award in 1987 despite several nominations in the early '80s.


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