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Do you ever wonder how the idea for bungee jumping came about? Bungee jumping originated from a ritual known as land diving on Pentecost Island. Take a plunge into this quiz to learn more about the wonderful world of land diving.

What is the popular name for plummeting headfirst toward earth while suspended by an elastic cord?

Bungee jumping is the popular name for this thrilling activity.


Where do men partake in ritualistic land diving?

The men living on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu participate in this ritual.


What speed do the land divers attain?

The men fall at a speed of around 45 miles per hour.


What tethers the men to the rickety tower?

The men jump with vines tied to their ankles.


What happens if the vine length is miscalculated?

If the vine length is miscalculated, serious injury or death can occur.


What safety equipment is used by the native jumpers?

The native jumpers do not use any safety equipment.


What did Queen Elizabeth observe when she went to watch the ritual jump?

Queen Elizabeth saw a man perish die when his vine snapped.


What is A.J. Hackett credited with?

A.J. Hackett illegally bungee jumped from the Eiffel Tower in 1987.


What happened with bungee jumping after Hackett's infamous bungee jump?

After Hackett's well publicized jump, bungee jumping went mainstream.


How has land diving in Vanuatu changed since Hackett visited the Island?

The diving ritual is now a tourist attraction.


Why should vines with sap be used for the ritual jump?

Vines with plenty of sap are more supple and less likely to break.


From what did land diving originate?

Land diving originated from a tale about marital discord.


At what age are males allowed to dive?

Divers may be as young as seven or eight when they are allowed to jump, only after they are circumcised.


What is the reason for the ritual?

The purpose of the ritual is to ensure a bountiful harvest.


What is done to cushion the blow when landing?

The ground is tilled to help soften the landing.


When does land diving occur?

Since land diving now means big money for the natives, diving activities occur weekly from April through June.


What do the men wear for the ritual?

Men wear only a penis sheath, which is the traditional garb.


How do the women garb themselves for the ritual?

Women are bare-breasted and wear grass skirts.


When did the Vanuatu Cultural Center call for a moratorium on commercial filming of the ritual?

Commercial filming was disallowed in 2006.


What good luck charm do the divers use?

No charm is used.


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