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Verily, what LARP stands for may be one of the only things those who participate in them agree upon. Quiz yourself on LARP lingo and culture.

What does LARP stand for?

LARP is an acronym for live-action role-play (or role-playing).


What game is this similar to?

LARPs are similar to a game of Dungeons & Dragons, but the game is acted out instead of being played tableside.


All LARPs are based in what kind of setting?

Historical periods and fantasy and science fiction worlds are just some of the settings, which are up to the players' imaginations. Most LARP events are based in fantasy settings, but any setting you can imagine will do.


What are LARP players known as?

People who play are called LARPers, which stands for live-action role-players.


LARPers create in-game personas known as what?

Player characters (PC), are the personas each LARPer makes up for in-game play. A player is a person at the event and is responsible for his or her actions out of play; a character is a player-created in-game role.


What is considered the first LARP?

Dagorhir, a medieval-set battle organized by "The Lord of the Rings" fan Bryan Weise in Maryland in 1977, is believed to be the first LARP event.


Who did the local radio station promotional ad invite to Dagorhir?

An ad on a local radio station invited anyone who wanted “to fight in Hobbit wars with padded weapons.”


What does it mean to fight "sword and board"?

Fighting "sword and board" means you're using one hand for a weapon and the other for a shield.


What is a "boffer"?

A "boffer" is a usually handmade contact or melee weapon such as a sword, mace or hammer. It's lightweight (such as a PVC tube), padded with foam and used during "boffering" (simulated combat).


Some participants attend LARP games for free in exchange for what?

Some LARP events and LARPers agree that those who act as nonplayable characters (also called "monsters") may attend for free.


Where in the world is LARPing most popular?

Denmark is the hotspot for LARPing.


What is considered the largest LARP in the world?

ConQuest is filled with more than 6,000 players, about 1,500 full-time NPCs and tribe-actors.


Where is Alliance, is one of the oldest LARP groups in the U.S., based?

Pennsylvania-based group Alliance is one of the oldest LARPs in the U.S.


Which documentary film chronicles the showdown between the Mordom and Laconia kingdoms at another of America's oldest LARPs?

Darkon is one of America's oldest LARP clubs, founded in 1985 in Baltimore. The award-winning documentary about it and those in its community was also called "Darkon."


Which is considered unsafe gameplay?

Charging (crowding your opponent), corkscrewing (walking circles around an injured opponent who cannot stand, forcing them to spin during battle) and turtling (hiding one's full body behind a shield) are all considered safety violations during gameplay.


True or false: The only type of contact allowed during battle is by a weapon.

Unless specifically stated otherwise in a LARP's individual rule book, LARPers aren't allowed other fighting types, such as hand-to-hand combat.


In what movie does Erik's epic quest to win back his lady, Evelyn, happen at the time of the LARPers' big battle?

In "The Wild Hunt," Erik joins a LARP to try to get his girlfriend, Evelyn, back after she confesses that's what she does on the weekends.


What does it equal when you add up your character's armor points and body points?

The total of a character's armor points and body Points is equal to how much damage that character can still take (hit points).


If you take a hit to an arm while you're not wearing armor, what happens?

You lose your arm in-game, which means it can't be used for anything.


Which WON'T help keep you in combat-ready shape during the off-season?

Cosplay is fun but won't keep you in tip-top shape. Physical activity like fencing and dancing can help keep you in combat-ready shape.


Which is an illegal hit during gameplay?

All of these are illegal hits.


In many LARPs, what does the acronym "CP" stand for?

CP stands for character points, which are like experience points in tabletop role-playing games. They're earned by participating in the event and used to increase character stats and in-game abilities.


Which documentary film goes inside the Seattle-based LARP group NERO?

Cullen Hoback's 2007 documentary "Monster Camp" is the story of NERO Seattle. (Actually, that's it's complete title — "Monster Camp: The Story Of NERO Seattle").


What does the acronym "GM" stand for?

Just as in tabletop versions of role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, "GM" stands for "game master." This is the person who runs the game.


What is an acceptable reason to yell "hold" and pause gameplay?

All of these are acceptable reasons to yell for a pause in gameplay.


What is yelled when a "hold" in gameplay ends?

With a countdown of three, "Lay on!" is yelled when gameplay ends.


In which comedy do LARPers accidentally conjure a succubus from hell during gameplay?

It's in the "Knights of Badassdom" where LARPers — specifically, Steve Zahn's character of an almost-level 27 wizard — accidentally conjure a demon from hell during gameplay.


True or false: The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a LARP staged in pre-17th century Europe.

While it's true the SCA does recreate pre-17th century Europe, the organization is not considered a LARP.


If it's not a LARPing group, what is the Society for Creative Anachronism?

SCA is a nonprofit educational organization that recreates the Middle Ages and Renaissance.


Name one thing in a LARP that ISN'T part of the SCA experience.

Okay, name four things. Whereas the SCA re-enacts a historical experience, a LARP is a game, complete with fantasy, magic and hit points.


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