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"Petticoat Junction" helped spur the rural sitcom obsession of the '60s, where viewers tuned in to see how folks lived way out in the sticks. Like "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Green Acres," "Petticoat Junction" featured simple folks trying to survive outside of the big city -- where an old railroad line was the only link to the outside world. Think you know all there is to know about the Junction? Take our quiz to find out!

What sound signals the start of the show's theme song?

Much of the action in "Petticoat Junction" centers around the local train, so it's no surprise that a train whistle serves as the intro to the theme song, which invites viewers to, "Come ride the little train that is going down the tracks at the junction...."


What is the name of Hooterville's favorite train?

The Hooterville Cannonball is owned by the C.F. and W. Railroad Company and travels along a forgotten spur line between Hooterville and Pixley.


Who runs the Hooterville general store?

Sam Drucker, played by Frank Cady, runs Drucker's Store, the best place to buy anything from food to linens. He often gives the Bradleys a break on payment because he likes them all so much.


Which of these is not one of Kate's three daughters?

The Bradley sisters include red-haired Betty Jo, raven-haired Bobbie Jo and blond Billie Jo.


The Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department Band started before there was a fire department.

The town had a well-established Volunteer Fire Department Band long before it ever had an actual Volunteer Fire Department. In Season 2 the band decides to put on a show to raise money to start a fire department to accompany the band.


Who runs the Shady Rest Hotel?

The widowed Kate Bradley -- played by Bea Benaderet -- runs the hotel with her three lovely daughters. She spends as much time chasing boys away from her girls as she does trying to keep both the hotel and the railroad afloat.


What role did June Lockhart play on the show?

The people of Hooterville are shocked when a female doctor come to town. After the death of Bea Benaderet, June Lockhart was brought in to serve as a female lead in the role of Dr. Janet Craig.


Where's the best place to go for a swim at the Junction?

The three Bradley girls love to take a dip in the water tower, usually sans clothing. Their petticoats left hanging over the side of the tower help give the junction its name.


What is the name of Kate's uncle?

The bumbling Uncle Joe helps Kate keep the Shady Rest running, while coming up with plenty of hair-brained schemes to boost business or add "class" to the hotel.


Which of these three rural comedies came first?

The success of "The Beverly Hillbillies," which premiered in 1962, helped spur the development of both "Petticoat Junction" and "Green Acres," which hit the air in 1963 and 1965, respectively.


Why was the Shady Rest Hotel built in its out-of-the-way location?

The Shady Grove Hotel's location was chosen by accident, when the lumber brought in for building the hotel happened to fall off the train as it went 'round a curve. This might explain why the inn was placed in the middle of nowhere, instead of in one of the nearby towns.


What is Homer Bedloe's biggest mission in life?

Railroad executive Homer Bedloe wants nothing more than to shut down the Pixley-Hooterville branchline, but the mighty Hooterville Cannonball rolls on down the tracks despite his best efforts.


What is the name of the Bradley sisters' band?

Even Petticoat Junction wasn't immune to Beatlemania, and the three sisters joined friend Sally Ragsdale to form a band called The Ladybugs during Season 1. The four girls actually performed "I Saw Him Standing There" on "The Ed Sullivan Show" to promote "Petticoat Junction."


What is the name of the engineer on the Hooterville Cannonball?

Charley Pratt serves as engineer on the train, with Floyd Smoot as conductor. Both men welcome tomboy Betty Joe into the engine room, where she often drives the train back from Hooterville to the hotel.


What is the name of the Bradley family pet?

The family dog never gets a proper name and is known simply as Dog. Played by a pup named Higgins, Dog had more star power than the rest of the cast and would go on to play Benji.


What classic role did Bea Benaderet play before she was Kate Bradley?

Before she was running a hotel at the Junction, Bea Benaderet played Betty Rubble from "The Flintstones."


Which of the three sisters was played by the greatest number of actresses on the show?

Billie Jo was played by three different actresses throughout the run of the show. Jeannine Riley filled the role for the first two seasons, followed by Gunilla Hutton in Season 3 and Meredith MacRae in the final three seasons.


Which of the three sisters was played by a single actress for the run of the show?

Linda Kaye played Betty Jo for the entire run of "Petticoat Junction." She was the only one of the three sisters to be played by a single actress for the entire series.


Which starring cast member left the show in 1968?

Kate's character was largely written out of the show after Bea Benaderet's tragic death from lung cancer in 1968.


Where was the show likely set?

While the location of the Junction was never revealed, one potential title for the show was "Ozark Widow." Another clue to the Ozark setting is the fact that creator Paul Henning based the show on stories his wife told him about growing up in rural Missouri, in a hotel near the Ozarks.


How many seasons did "Petticoat Junction" run?

The show ran for 222 episodes over seven seasons from 1963 to 1970. The first two seasons were black and white, followed by five seasons shot in color.


Which of the sisters finally wins the heart of Steve Elliot?

While all three sisters fall for the crop duster Steve Elliot at one point, it's Betty Jo who wins his heart. They get married in Season 5 and head for a romantic Hawaiian honeymoon.


What is the name of Betty Jo's baby?

Betty Jo and Steve choose the name Kathy for their firstborn. Like her mother and her two aunts, she is given the middle name of Jo.


Who is Kate's biggest competition in Petticoat Junction?

Kate often finds herself at odds with Selma Plout, who is willing to stop at nothing to help her daughter Henrietta succeed.


Which of the Bradley girls is the first to get a job?

Billie Jo is the first of the sisters to find work, as a secretary to novelist Oliver Fenton. The only problem? Fenton's books are banned in Hooterville.


What is the name of the Hooterville dogcatcher?

When Dog is accused of killing the neighbors chickens, dogcatcher Hinky Mittenfloss puts the poor pooch on trial.


Which of the girls has Hollywood dreams?

Although her late father left money for her to go to school and become a doctor, Billie Jo dreams of going to Hollywood and almost makes it there in Season 2 of "Petticoat Junction."


What does Homer Bedloe's psychologist tell him when he starts having nightmares about the Hooterville Cannonball?

Longtime Shady Rest foe Homer Bedloe takes a novel approach in Season 2. After he starts having nightmares about Petticoat Junction and its branch line, his psychologist recommends that he learn to love the train to put his mind at ease.


What's the only thing that can stop the Hooterville Cannonball?

Despite the valiant efforts of Homer Bedloe, the Hooterville Cannonball keeps on rolling down the tracks until a family of birds builds a nest in the smokestack, forcing the gang to shut down the train.


What is "Bedloe's Most Fiendish Scheme" in a Season 2 story arc?

In the Season 2 storyline "Bedloe's Most Fiendish Scheme," the railroad executive convinces the Pixley Bank to foreclose on the Shady Rest, putting Kate and her family out of business.


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