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A little pre-planning (and pre-treating?) can make a big difference on laundry day. Find out if you're practicing proper courtesy at the public laundromat.

According to etiquette, how do you claim a washing machine?

Putting your laundry load on top of an available machine when you walk in the door. That's it.


When is it OK to stake your claim on a dryer?

It's polite to wait to claim a dryer (or two) until the wash cycle is over.


Is it OK to leave your laundry unattended while you run a few errands?

It sometimes might be okay to run a few errands while your machine runs, but only if you're back before the cycle ends. It's best to stay near your clothes.


Which of these should you do before you leave home with your laundry?

Sort your clothes into loads before you leave your house. You'll save time at the laundromat, it'll make claiming your machines a breeze, and it's considerate of other people's time.


What should you add to the wash cycle if your towels smell mildewy?

Adding 1 cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle will remove odors from towels and clothes.


True or false: Adding a dry towel with your wet clothes will reduce drying time.

Adding a dry towel will reduce drying time (just remember to take it out after about 15 minutes for best results).


If the washing machine doesn't have a bleach dispenser, what should you do?

Always dilute chlorine bleach in water before adding it to your clothes.


When should you add liquid fabric softener to the load?

If you're manually adding liquid fabric softener, adding it to the wash cycle will wash it away. Add it to the rinse cycle for best results.


Which water temperature is best for whites and lights?

Wash whites and lights in warm water for best results.


Where is the world's largest laundromat located?

The world's largest laundromat has 301 washers and dryers, and is located in Berwyn, Ill.


Are laundromat dryers hotter than home dryers?

Yes. Commercial dryers can reach higher temperatures than dryers at home.


Which material shouldn't be dried in a laundromat dryer?

Keep nylon and rubber from melting by keeping them out of laundromat dryers.


What's the last thing you should add when you're using a top-loading washing machine?

When using a top-loading machine, it used to be best to add your clothes last. But with today's phosphate-free detergents, add clothes first, then water, then detergent.


What causes towels to lose their absorbency?

Dryer sheets cause towels to lose absorbency.


How should you sort loads of laundry?

While the light from dark rule is popular, you can also successfully sort by fabric type, lint similarities and dirtiness.


Which of the following should you do before adding your clothes to the washer?

Take the time to look inside -- and wipe out -- washers and dryers before you use them.


Which will speed up drying time?

Combining fast-drying clothes, separating heavy loads and not overloading the dryer are all ways to speed up drying time.


True or false: Once you've run a load in the dryer, your next load will dry faster.

And that means you'll want to start with lightweight loads and finish with heavy items, such as bedding or towels.


How should you carry your laundry basket, to minimize the strain on your back?

To keep back strain to a minimum, hold your laundry basket close to your body, and at waist level.


You need a washing machine, but the only one not spinning has wet clothing in it. Do you take them out?

The best policy is, if the clothes aren't yours, leave them alone, but many people find it acceptable to give the person about 15 minutes in case they're running late.


How full should the washing machine be for a large load?

For the cleanest clothes with the fewest wrinkles, never load the washing machine more than three-quarters of the way full.


Which helps keep clothes from getting wrinkled in the dryer?

All of these can help prevent wrinkles.


Which is one of the biggest sins of shared laundry-room etiquette?

Leaving your clothes unattended in machines is considered rude.


You didn't notice a stranger's red sock in the washing machine, and now your whites are all pink. What should you do?

High heat will set the tint, so don't put them in the dryer. Bleach-safe clothing can be soaked in a diluted bleach solution and rinsed.


Which should you bring from home if you're following the rules of the laundromat?

While there is a vending machine, it's unspoken that you should bring your own basic laundry supplies from home.


True or false: Using too much laundry detergent can leave soapy residue on your clothes.

Adding too much detergent can make too many suds, which can trap dirt and bacteria on your clothes during the rinse.


What is a laundry butler?

A large rolling basket with a pole and bar above for hanging clothes.


How long does a typical wash take at the laundromat?

While some washers will allow you to purchase extras, such as long wash or quick wash, most washers take no more than 30 minutes. Most machines will tell you how long the cycle will run.


What was the name of the national laundry chain that featured beer and TV while your laundry spun in the '80s?

Duds 'n Suds, which still exists today, was popular for its beer and big screens in the '80s.


How should you signal the machine you were using is now available?

Leaving the door or lid open when you're done using a machine indicates that machine is now free.


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