Get Off My iPad!: Great Learning Tablets for Kids

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Looking for a learning tablet made for child's play? Before you let your toddler join the digital learning revolution, take this quiz and find out how much you know!

Who reported that 70 percent of kids in homes with tablets are using them?

According to media research giant Nielsen, even toddlers find tablets intuitive and interesting.


What is the most popular use for tablets by kids?

Tablets are great tools for reading, learning, creativity, and entertainment, but kids like playing games the most.


What electronic toy company offers a tablet for less than $80?

V-Tech's InnoTab offers interactive books, games, creativity tools and other apps.


What tablet was named Toy of the Year 2012 by theToy Industry Association?

The LeapFrog LeapPad beat out 76 other finalists for the coveted award.


What tablet offers the most learning applications for kids?

You can find thousands of free and low-cost apps for the iPad 2 at Apple's App Store.


What popular tablet was designed by a mom?

Mother of two Dan Yang invented the the Vinci tablet and designed it to feature a durable, soft frame tailor-made for tots.


What pricey tablet doesn't include a WiFi radio?

Parents concerned about the long-term health effects of WiFi signals can rest easy with the Vinci tablet.


What tablet is making waves in elementary school classrooms?

School systems around the country are equipping students with tablets, but the iPad 2 is the most popular choice.


How long will it take for tablets to outnumber computers in U.S. schools?

Five years was the number given by school IT directors in a survey by investment bank Piper Jaffray.


What kids' tablet manufacturer offers Learning Path for parents?

By linking the LeapFrog tablet to a PC, parents can go online and monitor learning progress.


Learning Lodge Navigator is the online source for new apps for this device:

Parents can also monitor kids' learning progress on the V-tech InnoTab via Learning Lodge Navigator.


What it the most common size for a tablet?

According to a survey by, most tablets measure about 10 inches (25.4 centimeters)long and weigh less than 1 1/2 pounds (680 grams).


What does an accelerometer measure?

Think driving games or navigating mazes: Tablets equipped with this technology respond to subtle movements like tilting.


What is the latest release of the Android operating system called?

New releases of Android user interfaces are alphabetically named after desserts.


What Android tablet helps bridge the gap between the LeapPad and "grown-up" tablets?

Priced at $200, the Nabi tablet offers apps for kids plus "mommy mode" apps for parents.


Name the popular tablet offering access to Amazon's books, movies, and music:

Amazon offers more than 1,000 illustrated children's titles for the Kindle Fire.


What tablet allows parents to record themselves reading?

Barnes & Noble's tablet, the Nook, offers access to a treasure trove of books.


What technology company offers Xoom, a tablet with features for kids and adults?

Motorola's Xoom Family Edition comes loaded with kids' apps plus parental control features.


What battery life can be expected from tablets used by kids?

Fully charged iPads and Android tablets can last up to 10 hours -- enough for a lengthy road trip.


How many learning apps are available for iPad 2?

More than 40,000 apps are available for every subject, including apps for children with special needs.


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