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LeBron James is one of the best players ever to grace an NBA court. How much do you know about him? Find out by taking this quiz.

In which state did James play high school basketball?

He was raised in Cleveland.


Which NBA team first drafted James?

By chance, his home city's team had the first crack at drafting him.


How tall is James?

For NBA players, 6 feet 8 inches isn't really that tall.


James left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for which team in 2010?

He used his superstar status to cobble together a super team in Miami.


How many points did James score in his first NBA game?

No player straight out of high school has ever had such a high-scoring debut.


How old was James' mother when she gave birth to him?

She was a16 years old and single when she had him.


What is James' middle name?

His middle name is Raymone, but everyone just calls him King James.


Why did James stay in high school for his senior year instead of joining the NBA?

NBA rules required him to get his diploma before being drafted.


In which year of high school was James on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

He appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated for the first time when he was a high school junior in 2002.


To which team did the James-led Cavaliers lose during the 2015 NBA Finals?

They could not counter Curry and his cohorts


Which NBA team did James cheer for as a kid?

Like a lot of kids, he rooted for the Bulls and was taken by Michael Jordan's heroics.


James' national popularity plummeted after which incident?

The trade was nationally televised and widely ridiculed.


As a high school junior, how many points per game did James average?

He averaged 29 points per game. He was named to USA Today's All-USA first team.


Coming out of high school, how much was James' contract with Nike worth?

He was set for life (or several lifetimes) right out of the gate with his $90 million contract.


Besides basketball, what other sport did James play during high school?

He was named first team all-state as a wide receiver.


In order to cope with constant media scrutiny as a high-school student, James admitted to what?

Being under the microscope took a toll on his mental and emotional well-being, and he admitted to smoking marijuana.


James won season MVP, NBA Finals MVP and an Olympic gold medal in the same year. Which other player did the same?

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the only two players to accomplish this trifecta.


Who made up the so-called "Big Three" of the Miami Heat?

James, Bosh and Wade took the Eastern Conference by storm.


What is James' favorite cartoon?

James has said he "always rooted for Jerry."


The media gave James what title in the hopes that he would revive interest in a declining NBA?

They were right — James helped draw fan interest back to the league after Michael Jordan's retirement.


James is one of only two players to obtain two NBA MVP awards by age 25. Who is the other player?

Abdul-Jabbar also dominated the sport from a young age.


James' scores peaked in his third NBA season. How many points did he score during this time?

During the 2014-'15 season he scored 1,743 points.


James didn't attend college, but he has said he would have liked to go to which university?

He seems to have a preference for all things Ohio.


What affliction caused James to miss much of a fourth-quarter NBA Finals game versus the San Antonio Spurs?

He was nearly doubled over from the pain of muscle cramps.


In which grade did James first dunk a basketball?

He wasn't even finished growing when he started dunking in eighth grade.


What is the most points James has scored in a single game?

He scored 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats.


How many points did James average duping the 2004 Olympics?

He was used sparingly during their bronze-medal run and only averaged 5 points.


How many points did James average during the 2015 NBA Finals versus the Golden State Warriors?

James averaged 36 points. It was a superhuman performance, but the Cavaliers still lost the title.


James was league MVP when he left Cleveland for Miami. How many other reigning MVPs have left their teams?

Only two other players have done so, including Moses Malone in 1982.


What is one of the most unimpressive aspects of James' basketball skills?

At about 75 percent, his free-throw shooting is merely average compared to the rest of his game.


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