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Whether we're talking about the decadent parties of the ancient Greeks, the lavish costume balls of the Gilded Age or Paris Hilton's modern-day $75,000-per-guest 21st birthday party, one thing's for sure: The world's been throwing legendary shindigs for ages. How much do you know about big bashes?

How many parties in how many cities did hotel heiress Paris Hilton have to celebrate her 21st birthday?

Paris Hilton had six birthday parties in five cities around the world. That's what everyone does when they turn 21, right?


Which socialite turned her party room into a tropical forest with ferns, palms and orchids?

Mrs. Vanderbilt's legendary ball in 1883 featured a supper room transformed into a lush garden.


Which pop singer sang at the Sultan of Brunei's 50th birthday party?

Party-goers were treated to a concert by none other than the King of Pop.


Just how expensive was the Sultan of Brunei's 50th birthday party?

In 1996, the Sultan of Brunei spent $25 million on his 50th birthday celebration.


Which country's Carnival celebration is famous for its samba schools?

Samba schools have been a significant part of Brazil's Rio Carnival since the 1920s.


What are the Carnival street bands called in Brazil?

Brazilian Carnival street bands are called bandas.


Which was included in the entertainment at steel-tycoon Victor Pinchuk's 50th birthday party at the French ski resort Courchevel?

Pinchuk had all of the these luxuries, plus food overseen by renowned chef Alain Ducasse, at his 50th birthday party.


What fashion trend did Paul Poiret ignite at his Thousand and Second Night party in 1911?

Paul Poiret required his guests wear oriental costumes to his Thousand and Second Night party, and required attendees without proper attire to change into costumes he provided.


Which Southern Gothic author threw the infamous Black and White Ball, a masquerade ball, in 1966?

Truman Capote threw the lavish fete, with an elite guest list that mixed socialites, artists, authors, politicians, entertainers and even his doorman.


What did a party of colonists throw overboard during a midnight raid on ships in the Boston harbor?

Colonists disguised as Native Americans threw tea into the Boston harbor during a protest in 1773, known as the Boston Tea Party.


What three-day music festival took place in the small town of Bethel, NY?

Woodstock turned Bethel into a part of music history in August 1969.


Where in the world were guests at the Bradley-Martin Ball in the winter of 1897 transported to via decor?

The venue, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, was decorated to look like the inside of Versailles, and guests were treated to a night in the French court.


How many guests, maximum, did Caroline Astor allow on the guest list for her legendary annual 5th Avenue Ball?

It's rumored there could be no more than 400 guests invited to the 5th Avenue Ball, a legendary bash thrown for many years during the Gilded Age.


In what American castle did movie stars and the elite party during Hollywood's Golden Age?

William Randolph Hearst threw frequent lavish parties at his home, the Hearst Castle.


Who hosted a 20th-century costume ball where local firefighters formed a human pyramid?

Firefighters were hired to create a human pyramid during eccentric millionaire Carlos de Beistegui's costume ball in 1951.


True or false: As a result of being criticized for their lavish masquerade ball during the economic depression of the 1890s, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin left New York City for England.

True. The Martins relocated to England after being criticized for their decadent lifestyle during the economic downturn of the 1890s.


In what Russian palace was the 1903 Fancy Dress Ball held?

The Winter Palace, a St. Petersberg royal residence, hosted the 1903 Fancy Dress Ball.


What band was paid $6 million to play one song at a private party in New York City?

The Eagles were once paid $6 million to play their song, "Hotel California" during a private party appearance.


True or false: Texan investor David Bonderman spent $7 million for entertainment at his 60th birthday party, including a one-hour Rolling Stones' performance.

Bonderman did indeed shell out a cool $7 million for a Rolling Stones (and John Mellencamp) concert to celebrate turning 60.


Where in the world does the Full Moon Party take place?

The Full Moon Party, which is the world's largest beach party, takes place monthly on the Thai island of Koh Phangan.


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