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You may mistake a slithering snake for a legless lizard, because they look just alike. If the "snake" moves with only a side-to-side motion, it may be a legless lizard. Take this quiz to see whether you can tell them apart.

What did legless lizards evolve from?

Legless lizards evolved from legged lizards.


Why might an observer mistake a legless lizard for a snake?

They look very much alike as they slither along the ground.


What do legless lizards and snakes have in common?

They both have forked tongues, scaly exteriors and other snakelike characteristics.


Where may you fine a legless lizard?

You may find a slithering legless lizard in every continent except Antarctica.


What do legless lizards eat?

Legless lizards eat mice, bird eggs, beetles, grasshoppers, snails and spiders.


What is the other name that the legless lizard goes by?

The legless lizard is also known as the glass lizard.


What physical characteristic limits what a glass lizard can eat?

Unlike snakes, glass lizards have inflexible jaws, and cannot open wide enough to swallow a whole animal that is bigger than its head.


How do the eyelid's of snakes differ from those of the glass lizard's?

Snakes have no eyelids, and the glass lizard has moveable eyelids.


Where is most of the legless lizard's length?

Most of the lizard's length is in its tail, which it can drop off when threatened by predators.


What happens when the legless lizard separates from its tail?

The legless lizard may regenerate one additional tail in its lifetime.


How long does a regenerated tail take to grow back?

The tail may take anywhere from several months to two years to grow back.


How does a legless lizard move?

The legless lizard uses it sides to move, and is limited to side-to-side motion.


How do snakes move?

Snakes move using their sides and belly scales, and have a greater range of motion than the legless lizard.


What is a common legless lizard species?

Anniella pulchra is the California legless lizard.


What is the typical lifespan of the legless lizard?

A legless lizard can live eight to nine years.


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