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George Bailey touched the lives of everyone he knew, but it took a guardian angel to show him what he really meant to the world. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the people, places and moments of "It's a Wonderful Life."

Who played the role of the suicidal George Bailey?

Jimmy Stewart played George Bailey, a man who has to lose it all to see how rich he really is.


What is the name of George's younger brother?

A 12-year-old George Bailey lost his hearing in one ear while saving his brother Harry, who fell into a frozen pond while sledding.


What is the Bailey family business?

The family operates the Bailey Brothers' Building and Loan, which George is destined to take over one day -- no matter how much he resists.


Who is the richest and meanest man in town?

Henry Potter owns the bank and controls much of the economic activity in the town. He's also a mean old miser who can't stand to see George -- or anyone else -- succeed.


Who loses $8,000, putting George at risk of arrest?

The absent-minded Uncle Billy loses an $8,000 deposit, sending George on a desperate search as he tries to save both the Building and Loan and himself.


What is the name of George's guardian angel?

When George is about to take his life, an Angel 2nd Class named Clarence Odbody shows up to teach him that life is worth living.


How does Clarence prevent George from killing himself?

Clarence jumps into an icy river, knowing George will abandon his plans of suicide and jump in to save him.


What is the name of George's wife?

Mary Hatch and George connect at Harry's graduation party, and the pair ends up married a few years later.


What town does George live in?

George lives in the tiny town of Bedford Falls, which would become Pottersville if George wasn't around to keep Mr. Potter from taking over.


What job does Mary take on in the future where she doesn't marry George?

George is devastated to learn that if he had never been born, Mary would have been a simple librarian who never married.


Who runs the pharmacy in Bedford Falls?

Mr. Gower serves as the local druggist and serves 20 years in prison when George isn't around to prevent him from adding the wrong substance to a prescription.


What sound signifies that an angel has earned his wings?

George and Mary's daughter Zuzu learns from her teacher that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.


Who played George's wife Mary in the film?

Donna Reed, who later spent several years as the star of "The Donna Reed Show," played the loving and loyal Mary Bailey.


Who played Mr. Potter in the movie?

Lionel Barrymore -- yes, Drew's great uncle -- starred as the wheelchair-bound Henry Potter.


Who was Mary's beau before she and George got together?

Hee-haw! Mary had a budding relationship with Sam Wainwright before taking up with George.


What was the name of the local policeman in Bedford Falls?

Bert the cop and Ernie the cabbie serenaded George and Mary on their makeshift honeymoon.


Where is George when he is punched by Mr. Welch?

George is drinking heavily at Martini's Place when Mr. Welch, the husband of Zuzu's teacher, punches him in the jaw.


How many children do George and Mary have?

George and Mary are the proud parents of four children -- Janie, Zuzu, Pete and Tommy.


What is the name of the Bailey family housekeeper?

Annie is the longtime housekeeper for the Baileys. When George needs money, she offers her savings, which she was holding onto in case she ever needed a divorce from her future husband.


What does George wish for every time he enters the pharmacy?

George wishes on a cigarette lighter for a million dollars and exclaims, "Hot dog!" every time the device lights.


Who is in competition with Mary for young George's heart?

Played by Gloria Grahame, a young Violet Bick competes for the affection of George -- and every other boy in town.


What does George find in his pocket after deciding that he really has a wonderful life?

George knows he is back to reality after his adventure with Clarence when he reaches into his pocket and pulls out Zuzu's petals.


What does George offer Mary as they walk home from the graduation party?

George promises a smitten Mary that he will lasso the moon and bring it down to Earth for her.


The film was originally released in color.

"It's a Wonderful Life" was released in the theater in black and white and wasn't colorized until the 1980s.


What is the name of Harry's wife?

When Harry comes home from college, he brings a surprise in the form of his wife Ruth, whose father has promised him a job in Buffalo -- leaving poor George to manage the Building and Loan on his own.


Where do George and Mary go on their honeymoon?

After spending their honeymoon fund to save the Building and Loan, George and Mary spend their first night together at the old Granville Place, located at 320 Sycamore St.


Where does George take Clarence for a drink?

Without George Bailey and Bailey Park to help him afford a house, Martini no longer owns his bar. George heads to his favorite watering hole with Clarence, only to learn it is now called Nick's Place.


What part in the film is played by Frank Faylen?

Actor Frank Faylen played Ernie the cabbie.


The Frank Capra classic was a box office flop.

The film made just $3.3 million at the box office and cost $3.18 million, making it a financial flop.


Copyright holders lost the rights to the film in 1974.

Copyright holders forgot to renew the rights to the film in 1974, which left it in the public domain for 20 years. This helped make the film the classic it is today, because everyone was able to air it for free until the copyright was renewed in 1994.


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