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A bright home can raise your spirits and make visitors feel welcome. But there are many ways to add a sunny look to your house beyond installing bigger windows. How bright is your take on letting the sunshine into your home? Take this quiz to find out!

What color is the traditional choice for a design scheme that lets the sunshine in?

While most people think of yellow when they imagine the sun, there are many other colors that work well while allowing you to break the mold in your design choices.


What color might be less obvious but just as effective at brightening your room and enhancing mood?

Other potential choices for less obvious but still sunny design include lime green, orange and turquoise.


Why is painting your wooden staircase a good way to bring brightness into your home design?

Wooden staircases are large and highly visible, yet still are often overlooked when people design home interiors.


What is a good way to make your wooden stairway "pop" with paint?

A bright colored stripe down the middle of your stairway can effectively draw attention to itself.


What is the first step in painting a wooden staircase?

You must first sand down the area that you will be painting. Then apply primer and a few coats of good latex paint.


What type of paint works well to hide blemishes on furniture?

While softer paints work better for these purposes, glossy finish paints in highlight spots add dramatic pop.


How can you use your books to brighten your room's color scheme?

Most of us organize our books by subject, author or using no scheme at all. But using their spines' colors in your design plans is a unique and cost-free way to brighten a room.


What should you do if you have many books with similarly colored covers?

By mixing various shades of a single color and avoiding other colors, you can use your books to create a visually stunning display against a neutral background.


What color should you paint the inside of a bookcase?

A color wheel indicates which colors complement which other colors. By using a color that balances against the main color of your books' spines, you can create a visually appealing design element.


What is an unexpected but clever use for beautiful wallpaper?

Applied neatly with spray adhesive, wallpaper can create a surprising and bright touch to various furniture pieces.


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