Quiz: Letterman or Leather: The High School Stereotype Quiz
Letterman or Leather: The High School Stereotype Quiz
By: Pierre Roustan
Image: Mike Watson Images / moodboard / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

About This Quiz

It's not enough to just call your high school self an athlete or a brainiac. The reason why is, generally speaking, we all evolved to accommodate a wide variety of personalities and roles in high school, so oftentimes we were a bit more like mutants than not. Still, we had our core principles in place, what we truly were versus what we ultimately made ourselves out to be. No one is truly a football muscle-head and no one is truly a drama freak at heart, without a little bit of something else mixed in.

And here's why: because there's a spectrum! It's not entirely black or white at all. Deep down you know who you were back in the day, or at the very least what you wanted to be. But was that really who you were in high school? Perhaps not, perhaps maybe. There were some drama geek-jocks in the day, as well as scholar-stoners, for sure. This quiz is designed to show you just exactly what you were at the core in high school, without the labels. 

Whether you were a "letterman" or "leather" type of person simply labels the spectrum, not the person. So give it a shot! Just how much letterman or leather were you?

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What instrument did you play in band (or wished you could play)?

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What sport did you like to play?

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What was or is your favorite subject in high school?

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What was your favorite teen movie back in the day?

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What was your favorite lunch item in school?

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What was your favorite movie featuring a school or teacher?

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