Quiz: Westward Bound: The Lewis and Clark Quiz
Westward Bound: The Lewis and Clark Quiz
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Join us as we navigate white waters, slog through rainy winters, trudge over mountains, see the Pacific — and then do it all over again on the way back. Take this quiz to test how well you know Lewis, Clark and the whole crew.

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Let's get some basics down first. Who was president of the United States during the Lewis and Clark expedition?
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What is Lewis' first name?
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What was Clark's first name?
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Let's talk a little about Lewis first. Where did he primarily spend his time before the expedition?
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After several years of military service, Lewis served as what?
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Clark also served in the military, but where did he call home before the expedition?
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How much did Thomas Jefferson ask Congress for when trying to fund the Lewis and Clark expedition?
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Jefferson asked Lewis to head the expedition. Who asked Clark to join him?
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Where did the expedition leave from?
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What was a nickname for the expedition?
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How many people made up the "permanent" company?
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What was the name of the dog that came with them?
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How long did the whole expedition take, from St. Louis to the Pacific and back again?
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Which captain recorded new botanical and wildlife discoveries?
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Clark was largely responsible for …
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Lewis and Clark also brought along …
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How many people from the company died on the journey?
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Where did the company spend the 1804-05 winter?
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Who joined the party at Fort Mandan?
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Sacagawea gave birth in February, and the crew departed in …
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The baby was named Jean Baptiste, but he acquired what nickname?
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Sacagawea was useful not just for her language skills, but she also helped …
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The company was lucky to be helped by several Native American guides. Old Toby was a Shoshone who guided them …
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What river finally took the expedition to the Pacific Ocean?
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On seeing the ocean, what did Clark write in his journal?
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The crew voted on where to spend the winter. Who did NOT get a vote?
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The trip back took how long?
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How much did the total expedition cost?
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