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Who said that watching made-for-TV movies was a waste of time? Ace this quiz, and you'll feel deservedly smug about your sick day television habits. Or just take the quiz after you've run out of bingeable Tori Spelling films.

What's one plot point of "Killer Hair"?

The 2009 movie isn't strictly drama.


A sequel to "Killer Hair" that aired on Lifetime is called ...

Both movies featured the hero Lacey Smithsonian.


Although "The Stranger Beside Me" shares a name with a book about Ted Bundy, its villain is ...

The movie stars Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.


Although better known as Starbuck on the updated "Battlestar Galactica," Katee Sackhoff starred in what Lifetime movie?

"How I Married My High School Crush" involves time travel, if you're curious.


"Thrill of the Kill" is set in the exciting world of …

OK, that's simplistic — but it is part of the story.


"Hell on Heels" is the inside story of what empire?

Any movie starring Shirley MacLaine, Shannen Doherty and Parker Posey is bound to be a watcher.


"Sundays at Tiffany's" is about …

Alyssa Milano's character falls in love with her grown imaginary friend.


"The Tenth Circle" is based on a Jodie Picoult book and has references to …

It has references to "Inferno," but it's set in Alaska.


"Normal Adolescent Behavior" tells the story of a group of six teenagers who …

The film on polyfidelity earned a spot at the Tribeca Film Festival.


What "90210" alum directed "Dear Santa" in 2011, one of Lifetime's many holiday selections?

Good for Brandon Walsh.


"Deadly Love" tells the story of a …

Figuring out the lighting must be difficult for a vampire photographer.


"Jackie's Back" is a ...

It follows a "legendary" rhythm and blues artist's comeback.


"Ambulance Girl" tells the story of a woman becoming an EMT and starred what actress, who was nominated for an Emmy for the role?

Kathy Bates lost the Emmy to the equally delightful Helen Mirren.


The "12 Men of Christmas" is a remake of ...

It's neither. A Lifetime holiday-themed "12 Angry Men" sounds terrific, though.


Lindsay Lohan starred in a Lifetime movie chronicling what famous love affair?

Both Lohan and Taylor understood love-hate relationships with the press.


"Blue Lagoon: The Awakening" featured what actor from the original "The Blue Lagoon" film?

The movie, which features Atkins, is based on the book "The Blue Lagoon," but loosely.


Who is the "her" in "Mom, Dad and Her"?

Spoiler: The teen and the stepmom become friends in the end.


Two people on the verge of divorce are stranded at an airport in a Lifetime movie titled …

It's called "A Chance of Snow," but we would probably watch a movie revolving around airline peanuts, too.


Whom does a mother make a pact with to save her daughter in "The Devil's Child"?

The mother ends up having to bear the son of the devil, which just goes to show you really shouldn't do business with Lucifer.


"Petals on the Wind" is a sequel to what?

The movies are based on the classic V.C. Andrews young adult fiction books.


In "She's Too Young," a high school is forced to deal with ...

Well, no age is a good age for syphilis.


A Lifetime movie about jealous pageant queens and murder is called ...

If you're looking for a party topic, ask everyone to come up with their best Lifetime movie title, and see if they can beat "Crowned and Dangerous."


"Death of Cheerleader" aired on NBC as what?

"A Friend to Die For" starred Tori Spelling and Kellie Martin.


Which is the real title of a Lifetime movie?

You can guess where "The Husband She Met Online" goes.


What is NOT a title of a Lifetime movie?

But we're writing up our pitch deck for "Little Miss Imperfect" now.


In "A Face to Die For," a scarred and disfigured woman …

But the surgeon makes her face look exactly like his dead wife's!


"Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever" is based on …

Aubrey Plaza voiced Grumpy Cat in what had to be a seriously great gig.


Lifetime made an adaptation of what classic '80s film?

The Lifetime version, made in 2012, had a cast of black actresses playing the feature roles.


"Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life" is about the perils of …

Beware the internet, youths!


What famously cheesy 1996 television film was remade in 2016 for Lifetime, but this time with a vampire twist?

The remake of "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" came from the twisted mind of actor/writer/executive producer James Franco.


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