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Beacons of hope in the darkness, lighthouses have guided sailors to safety for thousands of years. They've helped ships navigate dangerous coasts and survive treacherous storms. Test your knowledge of these structures with the lighthouse quiz.

On which coast did America's lighthouses first appear?

In the United States, lighthouse building started on the Atlantic coast and then moved south across the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast region, then to the Great Lakes and finally to the Pacific coast.


What's the tallest lighthouse in the United States?

The 193-foot (59-meter) Cape Hatteras lighthouse, located on the outer banks of North Carolina, was moved half a mile inland in 1999 to avoid being swallowed by the encroaching Atlantic Ocean.


What fueled the building of lighthouses in America?

Trading ventures caused the first lighthouses to spring up in areas with large coastal populations and growing businesses.


How did lighthouses change in the 20th century?

As the 20th century progressed, lighthouses gradually became automated, with remote sensors and automatic timers that replaced lighthouse keepers.


How many U.S. light stations are permanently manned?

Only one U.S. light station -- Boston Light -- is permanently manned, but others continue to be vital navigational aids along the nation's coasts.


The oldest-standing U.S. lighthouse is located where?

New Jersey's Sandy Hook lighthouse is both the oldest lighthouse and the country's first octagonal lighthouse.


Admiralty Head lighthouse on Puget Sound has been repurposed as what?

It was once used to guide weary sailors safely home, but today, the Admiralty Head lighthouse entertains visitors as a museum and tourist attraction.


Which of the following is a twin lighthouse?

The Cape Ann lighthouse, north of Boston, is actually made up of two separate lighthouses 300 feet (91 meters) apart.


Which famous author wrote about the Cape Cod lighthouse?

Henry David Thoreau described the Cape Cod lighthouse as the "first seen by those approaching the entrance of Massachusetts Bay from Europe."


What lighthouse is the northernmost in the United States?

Located about 30 miles (48 kilometers) south of Vancouver Island, the Cape Flattery lighthouse is the northernmost lighthouse in the lower 48 states.


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