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The Lilith Fair festival was one of the biggest draws of the late-'90s summer circuit. This quiz will test your knowledge of the iconic all-female tour.

Who founded Lilith Fair?

Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan was on tour with this artist when she got the idea for Lilith Fair.

In 1996, McLachlan booked a tour with Paula Cole all by herself, bypassing the traditional channels, which inspired her to create a festival.

Who was Lilith?

According to Jewish legend, Lilith married Adam but refused to obey him.

When was the first Lilith Fair show?

The very first Lilith Fair kicked off on July 5, 1997.

Where was the first Lilith Fair show?

The first Lilith Fair show was at the Gorge in George, Washington.

For how many summers did Lilith Fair run -- the first time around?

The original Lilith Fair toured in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

When was the Lilith Fair revival?

McLachlan brought Lilith Fair back in 2010.

Besides Sarah McLachlan, who played every date on the 1997 tour?

Suzanne Vega was the only other artist to play every show in 1997.

This artist was NOT on the 1997 main stage.

The Dixie Chicks headlined in 1999 but were not on the tour in 1997.

This artist didn't play Lilith Fair in 1997 but was a headliner the following year.

Lauryn Hill toured with Lilith Fair in 1998 in support of her album "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill."

Which of these artists did NOT play all three years of the original festival?

Sinead O'Connor played only in 1998.

What is Sarah McLachlan's biggest hit?

Almost all of McLachlan's biggest hits came in the Lilith Fair years, including "Adia," which hit No. 3 in August 1998.

Why did Rihanna, Norah Jones, Kelly Clarkson and others drop out of the Lilith Fair revival in 2010?

The Lilith Fair revival didn't go too well. All of these artists (and more) left the tour because of poor ticket sales.

This artist dropped out because she broke her foot.

Carly Simon broke her foot while walking in Boston over the summer.

This legendary country artist dropped out, too.

Loretta Lynn was among the artists who got spooked by poor ticket sales.

About how many of the 2010 Lilith Fair shows ended up being canceled?

Thirteen of the 32 dates were eventually canceled, so about 40 percent.

About how much did a general-admission Lilith Fair ticket cost in 1997?

An all-day pass to Lilith Fair in 1997 was $38.

How much did a Lilith Fair VIP ticket cost in 2010?

You could expect to shell out up to $750 for a VIP ticket in 2010.

Along with Sarah McLachlan, who headlined the first Lilith Fair show of 2010?

Sheryl Crow could always be counted on to play Lilith Fair, and 2010 was no exception.

This '90s Lilith Fair artist did not play the 2010 festival.

The Indigo Girls and Emmylou Harris came back in 2010, but Natalie Merchant was nowhere to be found.

This '90s Lilith Fair artist DID play the 2010 festival.

Suzanne Vega played every single year.

How much money did Lilith Fair raise for charity in the '90s?

Lilith Fair donated more than $10 million in its original form.

Where did Lilith Fair end up on the list of touring festivals in 1997?

Lilith Fair was the top-grossing concert festival of 1997.

Match the hit song to the Lilith Fair artist: "Bitch"

Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" hit No. 2 in 1999.

"Give Me One Reason"

"Give Me One Reason" was Tracy Chapman's biggest hit, reaching No. 3 in 1996.

"Sunny Came Home"

Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home" made it to No. 7 in 1996.

"Stay (I Missed You)"

"Stay (I Missed You)" was a No. 1 hit for Lisa Loeb in 1994.

"One of Us"

Joan Osborne was a one-hit wonder with "One of Us" in 1996.

"Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?"

Paula Cole and "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" made it to No. 8 in 1997.

Where was the final Lilith Fair show?

The last show of the 2010 tour was at the Center in Dallas on August 16.

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