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Not all wars are apocalyptic adventures that threaten the fate of humankind. How much do you know about these little-known wars?

Where did the Hukbalahap Rebellion take place?

The U.S.-backed rebels harassed Japanese occupiers until they finally left at the end of WWII.


In October 1925, what ignited a conflict between Greece and Bulgaria that killed dozens of people?

One version says a Greek solider chased a dog across the border and was shot, starting a violent chain of events called "The War of the Stray Dog."


The Winter War pitted the USSR against which country's forces?

The illegal attack resulted in the USSR's expulsion from the League of Nations and Finland inflicted heavy casualties on the invaders … but lost chunks of its land, anyway.


The Beaver Wars found which two groups fighting each other?

Also called the Iroquois Wars, it featured the Iroquois expanding their territory against other tribes that were helped by the French.


The 100-Hour War between El Salvador and Honduras started because of what?

The soccer match didn't help things but it was really economic problems that caused the short war, which killed thousands of people.


The Aroostok War, between the United States and Britain, is also sometimes called what?

A supply line error gave birth to the weird name; no military casualties resulted but many people died as collateral damage from the confrontation.


How many soldiers were killed during the Transnistria War in the early 1990's?

Fighting broke out over territory as Moldova and Romania faced off with Russian-backed Transnistria, which we've never heard of, either.


Karen National Liberation Army has been fighting the government of Burma since what year?

It is the longest-running civil war in the world.


The Treaty of Berlin contributed to the end of which war?

It was signed in 1878.


The War of Jenkins' Ear pitted which two countries against one another?

Some say the war started when Spaniards boarded a British ship and cut an ear off of the British captain.


The Sonderbund War was a civil war in which country in 1847?

Catholic alliances fought against the development of a central government and lost.


Which U.S. president initiated a naval offensive during the Barbary Wars?

He bombarded pirate strongholds for safe passage of American ships.


How many Barbary Wars were there?

The second one, in 1815, helped dramatically reduce pirate attacks in the North African region.


Which city did the Romans besiege for three years during the Third Punic War?

Oddly, there was no record of an end to the war, so in 1985 leaders met to make a ceremonial peace…more than 2,000 years later.


The Utah War featured the United States army against what group?

There were few casualties but for a year tensions mounted as Mormons feared persecution.


The Russo-Turkish War in the 1870s reestablished which country?

Bulgaria had disappeared under Ottoman rule five centuries earlier.


The Dominican War of Independence was waged against which country?

The Dominicans seized control of their country in 1844 after 22 years of Haitian control.


The so-called "Overseas War" pitted African nationalists against which country?

The nationalists were fighting against Portugal's harsh colonial rule.


In total, how many soldiers were killed in the Overseas War?

In Angola alone more than 50,000 soldiers died; Portugal lost nearly 9,000 men during the 13-year war.


Representatives from which country mediated an agreement between Thailand and France in 1941?

At the end, France ceded some of its Indochina territory to Thailand.


Which country invaded Thailand in December of 1941?

Only months earlier, the same country had helped Thailand secure one of its proudest victories, over the French.


Why did the village of Lijar declare war on France?

The "war" lasted a full 98 years but no shots were fired, and France called the whole thing silly.


Who started the Sino-Tibetan War?

He sent the Tibetan army to seize territory from China.


Which side won the Sino-Tibetan War?

The Tibetan forces suffered heavy casualties in the two-year conflict.


Why did censors cover up a massive Allied campaign that killed thousands of people on both sides in Syria in 1941?

The public would have been distraught to learn that Allies were killing French forces (even those controlled by Nazis).


The War of the Triple Alliance decimated which country?

The Triple Alliance of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina killed as many as 1.2 million people in Paraguay; after six years it finally ended in 1870.


When did the Soviet-Japanese War occur?

As if there wasn't enough war going around, they started yet another conflict.


How long did the Soviet-Japanese last?

And yet, more than 30,000 were killed in the conflict, which hastened Japan's defeat in WWII.


What sparked the Angolan War of Independence?

Cotton field workers had had enough of their mistreatment; in Portugal this one is called the Overseas War.


What percentage of its male population did Paraguay lose during the Paraguayan War, also known as the War of the Triple Alliance?

The country was nearly annihilated and required decades to recover from the conflict.


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