Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Little-known Wars
Test Your Knowledge: Little-known Wars
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Not all wars are apocalyptic adventures that threaten the fate of humankind. How much do you know about these little-known wars?

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Where did the Hukbalahap Rebellion take place?
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In October 1925, what ignited a conflict between Greece and Bulgaria that killed dozens of people?
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The Winter War pitted the USSR against which country's forces?
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The Beaver Wars found which two groups fighting each other?
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The 100-Hour War between El Salvador and Honduras started because of what?
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The Aroostok War, between the United States and Britain, is also sometimes called what?
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How many soldiers were killed during the Transnistria War in the early 1990's?
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Karen National Liberation Army has been fighting the government of Burma since what year?
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The Treaty of Berlin contributed to the end of which war?
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The War of Jenkins' Ear pitted which two countries against one another?
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The Sonderbund War was a civil war in which country in 1847?
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Which U.S. president initiated a naval offensive during the Barbary Wars?
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How many Barbary Wars were there?
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Which city did the Romans besiege for three years during the Third Punic War?
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The Utah War featured the United States army against what group?
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The Russo-Turkish War in the 1870s reestablished which country?
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The Dominican War of Independence was waged against which country?
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The so-called "Overseas War" pitted African nationalists against which country?
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In total, how many soldiers were killed in the Overseas War?
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Representatives from which country mediated an agreement between Thailand and France in 1941?
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Which country invaded Thailand in December of 1941?
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Who started the Sino-Tibetan War?
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Which side won the Sino-Tibetan War?
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Why did censors cover up a massive Allied campaign that killed thousands of people on both sides in Syria in 1941?
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The War of the Triple Alliance decimated which country?
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When did the Soviet-Japanese War occur?
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How long did the Soviet-Japanese last?
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What sparked the Angolan War of Independence?
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What percentage of its male population did Paraguay lose during the Paraguayan War, also known as the War of the Triple Alliance?
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