Live Like a Celeb for a Day and We'll Guess Your IQ!

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Picture yourself walking down the red carpet! If only for one day, we want you to imagine being one of Hollywood's A-list celebrities. The way you choose to live during your 24 hours of fame will give us some insight into your intelligence level. Once we've ascertained how you operate as a celebrity, we'll be able to accurately give you an IQ score you'll be happy to brag about to your friends!

When most folks think of celebrities, intelligence is not the first thing that comes to mind. While it is true that some stars have made dodgy choices, it takes a lot of careful planning and a good work ethic to become one of the celebrity elite. We're not saying that all celebrities have the makeup of geniuses, but they are like their own little brand. It takes a lot of careful work to make a brand, or a celebrity, get to the Hollywood walk of fame. It takes more brain power than your average actor or actress will ever be given credit for having! 

While you are pretending to be a celebrity for a day, make sure you go shopping in the finest boutiques. Take your purse dog out to lunch at a place only the famous could afford, and remember all the little people back home while we tell you exactly how smart you are!

First, tell us about your famous self. What are you famous for?

What kind of celebrity are you?

What would your net worth be?

How many Instagram followers do you have?

You're starting your day. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Who is the first person you text?

Your personal assistant reminds you that you have a flight tomorrow. Where are you going?

Back to today. What is your in-house helper making for you for breakfast?

What's the one item that you wanted to wear today did you forget to send to the dry cleaners?

How long does it take you to get ready?

Which of these places is your first stop after leaving the house?

What do you do when the paparazzi is near?

What's the one scandal you went through that you aren't trying to relive?

If you had to have a name for your fans, what would it be?

Who are you meeting with for lunch?

Which hot LA restaurant are you guys going to?

Which of these talk shows would you appear on after your lunch date?

You're thinking of starting a new business. What type is it?

The house you put an offer on just called back to say you got it! Where in California is it?

You decide to get the party started a little early. Which hot bar are you going to?

Time is running out. Which of these appointments do you ask your assistant to cancel for you?

Your celeb friends have all invited you to different parties on the same night. Whose are you going to?

Which high-end alcoholic drink will you be indulging in?

What will you be doing at this party?

Which celeb don't you want to see?

If you were to get into a physical fight, for which reason would it be?

Who is bringing you home?

Your day is almost done. You wake up with a stranger next to you. What are you thinking?

Do you think you made the most of your time as a celeb?

Would you want to do this for the rest of your life?

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